Update On My Case With Fitness First

June 6, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Wow, surprisingly I’m connected to internet now. Before the internet dies again, I’m gonna blog a little just to update on my status with Fitness First.

After reading Larry’s comments in my previous post, I decided to call up my local bank to see if they can possibly reverse the charges. Unfortunately, they can’t. She stated that even if they try to file a complaint, it will be rejected as I have signed an agreement with FF to authorize them to use direct debit from my bank account even though I have told FF that I only authorize first month’s charge. I told my bank that it was a trick, and I was tricked into giving them my bank details because they forced the first month’s payment using my bank card since I don’t have credit card. Either that first transaction was automatically recorded into their system for easy direct debit by them or I was tricked into giving them my account number because I clearly remember refusing to give them my account details because I KNEW something this would happen. Usually it’s not a problem as I don’t have a lot of money in it, but can’t believe this time, when I have planned to go back to my hometown, the day the money from my paypal appears, they would ‘steal’ it.

What still pisses me off is that, I found out I was wrong. They didn’t charge me on the SAME day as I paid my May fees by cash (inclusive of RM15 penalty) but they already took the money THE DAY BEFORE. I realized the direct debit was on June 1st, and I paid the cash on June 2nd. WTF. The fact that they didn’t tell me both May and June are already paid and STILL took the cash from me the next day, is beyond me. It amazes me how the direct debit did not turn up in their system on the day I went there to pay cash.

Total amount paid to FF – RM585 (fuck, that’s a shitload of money gone within two days)

So the bank told me, no matter what, they can’t do anything. I have to discuss with Fitness First regarding my situation. Well…. I have no choice but to call FF again today.

I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is, after explaining my (first) case with the guy in FF, he said IT COULD BE REFUNDED. Wtf . When I called last Friday, the girl said it can’t be refunded. Okay,Β  now the bad news is…


Double WTF. I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t broke, but I need to pay my bills and such. Urgh. And I don’t care about June’s fees.. they can take the RM185 out of the RM385 but refund my RM200 that I overpaid for May.

I also explained to him that when I went and requested them to freeze my account temporarily, they didn’t allow me because I need to settle my June’s fees when technically I’ve already paid for it. But he said now he can’t do anything because I still need to go there, fill up the form to request for the freeze. FML. FML FML FML. If that’s the case, then I’d still need to pay for July (because that means I can’t freeze for July) to be able to request for freezing of account for August and September. I obviously need those two months’ fees frozen because it’s going to be Ramadhan (fasting month) and then Eid Mubarak celebration πŸ˜€

Well he said I need to talk with the CA (or something) but that person is not working today as it’s Sunday so he will ask the CA to call me back tomorrow. So we’ll see how it goes. Funny thing is, no matter how many times I told them to change my wrong phone number that they have, yet each time they still state the old wrong number again. Hmph.

Well this problem is giving me a headache. So I’m gonna go do something else now before my internet dies. I am going out with my only friend here in my hometown today. Haven’t talked to her for AGES, so have a lot to bitch about with her. And my friend from KL will be dropping by tomorrow so hopefully can see her.

And shit, I think I’m getting too obsessed with Barry Evans/Jeremy Brown from Mind Your Language… πŸ˜†