June 5, 2010 at 8:49 PM

I’m feeling a bit better today. Last night I stayed up whole night watching “Mind Your Language” and cheered me up because it’s hilarious, and watching super cute Barry Evans of course cheered me up. And I do have one extra good thing happening which I won’t tell. So since now I’m able to think straight again, I figured, if Fitness First are being jackasses and won’t refund my money, at least for June and July I won’t have to pay, and for August, September & October they better let me freeze the damn account so I don’t have to pay for the full amount. That way I can save up my money again. Also, by August, I have something to look forward to.

However, mom has been driving me crazy sometimes. My BB is driving me crazy sometimes because every time I try to tether my BB to my laptop, either it won’t connect to internet or my laptop would hang. It’s very frustrating. No internet is driving me crazy and it means that I can’t even download Glee’s finale episode for season 1 next week, and the new album coming up – Journey to Sectionals.

Oh another thing that makes me happy – the cheap China made media player (that plays videos/musics from your external HDD on your TV) that I bought 2 months ago at the pc fair works PERFECTLY on my tv here at my hometown. I had a problem when I can’t plug in one of the audio’s jack because the picture will be blur, but when it’s not plugged, one side of audio is missing.. so it means if the video utilizes both audio then the sound completely sucks. Like Glee for example, when they sing, it uses right and left audio so for my KL TV, it sounded retarded because the music is not right.

But my TV here plays everything perfectly, so I can watch my downloaded Glee on TV, and other stuff. 😀 So that makes me happy. I guess there’s always a downside of China made TV that cost RM500 compared to a Sony TV that cost RM4500+.

Well I guess with my problems now, I can still survive on bread and soup lol. Maybe I’d lose more weight. My appetite suppressant is doing a good job in controlling my appetite, so I don’t get cravings anymore. Guess it’s useful now.

EDIT/ Wow my comp hanged. See, I hate tethering my BB now. Luckily wordpress has autosave so I didn’t lose what I’ve written.

I’m gonna stop now, because I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Urgh, one thing I like about my KL apartment is that it’s too high for mosquitoes. Here, I’m being eaten alive. T___T

I’ll reply to comments soon. I still have lots of pending blogs to write about. Argh.