June 4, 2010 at 9:18 PM

I am back in my hometown and it hasn’t even been a few hours and my usual chain of bad lucks already happening.

I am blogging from my phone because I have no internet. FML

I drove all along the highway about 180km with very limited visibility due to heavy rain. FML

The worst yet is this….

I was supposed to get some money from all the extra job I’ve done within the past few months through PAYPAL. It was supposed to be available in my bank account on 1st of June so in that day, I paid for my gym… RM200 including RM15 of late penalty. I wanted to freeze my gym account because I will be in my hometown. Unfortunately I also have to pay my fees for June to even be allowed to request for freezing account. So for May payment I borrowed from my mom and I thought I’d have my money in my account already. So later that day I checked and I was shocked to see that I only have 30% of what I was supposed to receive. I thought my money wasn’t in yet. I went back to my hometown without freezing my account.

Today I checked my transaction details and to my surprise the amount I was supposed to get WAS in my account on June 1st… For less than a minute and I was again shocked to see the word ‘direct debit‘ after it and 70% of that money was deducted. I got furious.


So I called up the bank to clarify and after speaking to a few people they said it could be my gym Fitness First that deducted that for their monthly fees. I was like WTF??? I paid every months by cash, what money would that be for? The officer was annoyed at me thinking that I’m too retarded to understand. I understood perfectly THANK YOU, and I just paid my fees so what’s the money for??

So after that I called up fitness first to clarify. My my, turns out they DID take my money WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION and didn’t even bother to tell me when I was there 2 days ago! They took my money to pay for May fees which I PAID ON THAT SAME DAY by cash and also June’s fees. Excuse me, I did not say I want to pay for June. It was only first of june, they deducted my money like they fucking own it and can do anything they like.

I told them I clearly said when I registered that I only authorize charge to my bank account FOR THE FIRST MONTH. I refused to give them my card at first and they insisted that they only take ATM card for first month payment and assured me they won’t auto debit after that. IT WAS JUST FOR THE FIRST MONTH ONLY. I guess I AM retarded for believing that. I knew gyms are scammers, but I didn’t expect FITNESS FIRST PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP would be tricking people too!

So technically I paid double my May fees plus June.. And she said they cannot refund so the extra is considered as july’s fees. I cannot accept this. I did not authorize it and I want my money back.

I am completely depressed about it. Basically I am now in my hometown with NO MONEY to buy food at all. That money is supposed to be used to pay back the money I owed my mom so now I can’t pay her back and she has zero cent until next pension check which is at the end of month because I borrowed her money and promised to pay her back when my money from paypal is in my account. STILL LONG WAY TO GO.

How could FITNESS FIRST do this to me? Will I be starving to death here? I haven’t cried or been this upset for months.. When I go back to my hometown there’s always something bad. I’ve worked so hard to get that little amount of money and been saving up for months until I have an emergency..now when I do and 70% of it is gone within minutes. How could I let this happen?

I am still hoping I’d get refunded back. If starvation doesn’t kill me soon, depression might. Or maybe my anger towards those scammers would consume me and I’d get too angry that my heart stops beating and my head explodes. Trust me  I WILL create chaos there if I don’t get my money back.

There are other things that happened today but I don’t want more depression from talking about it. I’ve had enough shits for today.

I really wish that I have someone with me right now, if not to help at least to lend me a shoulder to cry on. To console me when I am in a mess. This is the time when I miss my ex. Coming back here to be reminded of him makes my heart ache so bad.

…… FML.