Mind Your Language

June 3, 2010 at 11:51 AM

I was supposed to go back to my hometown today.. but, yesterday I went out with my friend until night time, and I didn’t have enough sleep yesterday so my mom said that I look too tired to drive back.. so…….. we’re going back tomorrow morning.

I think I need new curtains. Maybe black curtains so it can block the sun .. I’ve always wanted custom blinds but either mom wouldn’t let me use blinds or it’s expensive.. or maybe it collects dust too much? Like my IKEA’s blind at the kitchen.. yuck.

I am now so fricken loving MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.

I used to see the (pirated) boxΒ  set DVD in the store, and being a fan of British comedy, I’ve always wanted to just randomly buy the DVD even though I’ve never seen the show. The only DVD of TV show that I’ve never seen before and just randomly bought it was ‘The Wayans Bros‘.. and it turned out to be a hilarious show, so it was a good buy. But that has The Wayans bros… I’m already familiar with their crazyness. But what about MIND YOUR LANGUAGE? Is it as good as my fave Fawlty Towers? What if I don’t like it? My money would be a waste.

Turns out, on Sunday, when I was randomly switching channels on TV… suddenly I see the listing for what’s on next and I see “MIND YOUR LANGUAGE“! I was like “fuck yeah”!

It was the 4th or 5th episode. It means I’ve missed the previous episodes and I didn’t even know it has been showing. But anyways, I started to watch it and even though at the beginning I was concentrating on getting to know the characters because I missed the pilot episode, but even at the beginning, it was HILARIOUS.

Omg, this show is so fricken hilarious! I can’t believe I didn’t decide to buy the DVD a lot sooner. After that, I’ve been researching for the show and found out someone uploaded the first season on youtube. Thank God for youtube πŸ˜€ Finally I get to see the pilot episode and understood the characters now and the show is hilarious on each episodes. Each characters are hilarious, and it’s funny to see how foreigners who knows little to nothing about English tries to communicate.. my fave character would be Ali Nadim from Pakistan πŸ˜€ I love how the students take the words literally.. that’s what non-native English speakers learning English would struggle with..for example like figure of speech. I still struggle with Japanese. Oh and of course I love Mr. Brown.


I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.. haha. He’s so cute, with his baby face, his boyish smile.. he was so hot. He’ll make an awesome English teacher. I would never skip a class. I would be like Danielle, the hot French girl in the show who has a crush on Mr Brown and tries to flirt with him .. (she even kissed him in one episode of Mr Brown’s birthday). I’d so be like her if Mr Brown was my teacher πŸ˜€

However when I did a little research, I found out that his last few years of life wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. He was handome, cute-looking, funny.. and with how successful MYL was and other shows or movies he was in, I thought he’d get a lot of job offers, and would live a happy life but no, he ended up to be a minicab driver and at the age of 53 in 1997, they found him dead πŸ™ Cause was alcohol poisoning. Suicide or murder? Still a mystery. He was also abandoned as a baby. πŸ™

So yesterday i’ve been crazy trying to search for the series download.. found some but turns out the DVD release has a few missing episodes.. the only way to get them is to download a TVRIP version, which is also hard to find. Of course, season 4 is not available anywhere as it was never released anywhere. I wonder if someone in the world would have series 4 recorded when it was shown on TV before and upload it on the internet? One can only hope.

I downloaded like 5GB++ of season 1-3 yesterday, and it does contain missing episodes in season 2 and 3 and lack the missing episodes of season 1.. so I’m trying to download them now and managed to get episode 9’s Kill or Cure but low quality TV Rip. I’m now struggling to download episode 12’s How’s Your Father. It’s frustrating. Hate torrent with no seeders and rapidshare’s limited download.

Oh yeah, I’m surprised with the show at first and how they’re still showing it now. I found out they did show in Malaysia back then, but not sure how come I never knew it. So there’s quite a lot of MYL fan in Malaysia. The shows has racism, religious issue, stereotypical foreigners which would be deemed offensive & politically incorrect now.. however it’s not a problem for me… I just consider it as a very entertaining political satire.