A Short Rant

May 19, 2010 at 9:53 AM


This is gonna be a short rant but a fully detailed rant will be posted soon. Okay, I ordered my stuff from the US, and because I don’t have US address and the merchant doesn’t ship internationally to Malaysia, so I had to use my last resort – a mail forwarding service. I won’t reveal which company yet because that I will dedicate a whole new pissy angsty ranty post for that but right now I’m so pissed. One package made it to Malaysia but the other one is separated and I was told it has been shipped but NOPE, it hasn’t!

Now who are the fuckers who dared to lie to me??

Soon I will tell. But right now all I want is my packages to safely arrive to me.

It has been making me paranoid. The wait is killing me. Not knowing the status before it reaches a certain destination has been killing me.

On a different note, #GleeKL wrap up party this Friday night..should I go?! And there has been flash mobs for Glee last weekend and this also this coming weekend too… I wonder how it went. I decided not to check it out because eh.. no hype, no nothing.. I don’t even have any idea how it was gonna be done.. etc

Oh and I want PC fair to come soon -.- Need to flash drive/external drive as I’m running out of space pretty quickly!