GleeKL: Glee Flashmob in Malaysia!

May 3, 2010 at 11:39 PM

I just found out today, after reading a retweet by my friend, that we’re having our own Glee flashmob! Woot!

I’m SO THERE. Being a huge GLEE fan and all.

At first I was hesitating, since I just found out about it today and then the first rehearsal is TOMORROW. I don’t know the dance! But then after watching the video, I learned the dance in an hour. It’s a piece of chocolate frosting oreo cheesecake. Easy to learn. So if you haven’t registered or don’t even know about the flash mob or a huge fan of Glee, what are you waiting for? JOIN IN. The more the better. This would be my first flash mob. Last time they wanted to do an MJ flashmob right after his death but it got canceled. I was sad. 🙁

Join in the fun at the Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur!