Goodbye LeVel 27

April 30, 2010 at 12:53 AM

Yesterday I suddenly had the urge to check out new designs from my favorite clothing line, Level 27.

Guess What?


Why Billy, Why???

I only had the chance to own this hoodie. Which is my favorite hoodie. The red numbers used to have Good Charlotte’s signatures that they signed during the meet and greet in Singapore. Now it has faded due to constant washing… I should have just hang the hoodie, frame them.. but I want to wear it. Out of all designs in the world, I really like LeVel27’s designs.

FYI, The line was Billy Martin’s (Good Charlotte) own line. He designed all the arts.

What I like about them is that the arts.. Billy has the same interest as me – ZOMBIES. 😀 So there’s zombies design on the shirts. There are a couple of hoodies that I’ve been dying to get but I didn’t have money.. now I’ll never get them. It’s upsetting too to know that before Billy closed the line in December 2009, all items went down to 99 cents.. FRICKEN 99 cents! And I missed that?!

Surprising really that Billy wants to close his clothing line but I respect his choice. After digging old blog entries, during the meet and greet session, here’s my conversation with them.. notice what Billy said to me? (this was copied from my old blog)

Benji: Hi, what’s your name?
Me: [name]…  😀
Benji: Hi I’m Benji 😀
Me: Sorry I don’t have anything for you guys to sign.. 🙁 (everybody brought a CD, and I have yet to receive mine that I won)
Benji: Hmm what about your sweatshirt? (I was wearing my level 27 hoodie)
Me: Is that black marker?
Benji: Yes…
Me: I don’t think you could see the ink ….
Benji: Well how about I sign it on the red area then?
Then Benji signs……..
Me: Thank you so much! Can I get a hug from you?
Benji: Sure  *hugs*
Me: Thank you so much ^____^
Then I moved on to Joel…
Joel: Hi 😀 *signs* *hugs*
I forgot if I talked some more with Joel. Then I moved on to Paul.
Paul: *signs*
Billy: Hey, cool sweatshirt…where did you buy it? (if you didn’t know, level27 is BIlly’s label. He designs the clothing)
Me: I bought it online 😀
Benji (or Paul): The person who created it must be a genius..
Billy: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
Me: Can I get a hug from you?
Paul: Sure 😀 *hugs*
Then I moved on to Billy….
Billy: *signs* *hugs*
Me: Thank you so much 😀 😀 😀 *hugs* (temptation to fuck Billy arising, haha)
*security shooshed me away*
Me: Good luck tonight guys!
Joel: Thanks! 😀

Goodbye LeVel 27 🙁

Btw, here’s a video of Good Charlotte’s Girls & Boys... the hoodie Billy is wearing in the video is the same hoodie I have in the pictures above 🙂