RMS Titanic 98th Anniversary

April 28, 2010 at 5:25 PM

Since yesterday I’ve been obsessed with the Titanic story...AGAIN.

I don’t know why, the story of Titanic still fascinates me till this day. It gives me goosebumps just to see the rusty metals buried 12000+ feet underneath the Atlantic ocean.. I was watching a documentary on youtube last night where they took a HD cam down the water and we could see in clear high definition view of the decaying wreckage.. and you can still see some of the everyday stuff at the bottom that you couldn’t see before.. it’s creepy yet at the same time it makes me really, really sad. Imagining all the people that was on board.. panicking.. kids, old people.. men & women.. whose life ended in the water, buried there forever.. kids who would never see their future as a grown up.. families that would never return home again.. and a ship that never reached its first destination.

How ironic that the unsinkable ship sank on its first journey? Actually it was first quoted as ‘virtually unsinkable’ but they took the ‘virtually’ out and everyone believes that it could never sink.

It’s even disturbing to see the ship sinks.. when I watched the first black and white movie, and then James Cameron’s Titanic, I can’t imagine what the people in the lifeboat must have felt at that time.. I like to position myself in the situation.. because I usually become obsessed with these things between 2am-6am so I love to turn off the lights, watch the video and imagine myself there… it’s… very… disturbing… *shudders*

I so wish I can go to the Titanic artifacts museum.. you know, some people argued that it’s wrong to take those things.. it’s like graverobbing.. for me, I don’t think so. We should preserve whatever we can find so that future generations, like us for example, could see what people on board used, or had, as a remembrance of the tragedy that took their lives. Unlike 9/11, we had footage to remember everything from the moment the plane crashed into the building until the towers collapsed… but we only have artifacts to remember titanic.. in a couple of hundred years later, there’d be nothing left of Titanic down there I presume.. so I’m thankful for explorers that found Titanic and now giving us a clear view of the ‘grave site’ in high definition… it’s disturbing and sad to think what kind of lives the owner of the stuff found (artifacts) had, how they felt etc when you look at the things…

I do however think it’s sickening how they make money and become rich from those artifacts.

Let’s give a moment of silence to remember those lives lost at the sea.





I decided to blog about this because this month marks the 98th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic.. in 2012, it would be 100 years the Titanic have sunk.

Also since this post is about remembering an anniversary… I would like another moment of silence for the victims of COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING (April 20th 1999). As I used to be obsessed for years about the Columbine shooting so since this shared the same month so why not. Also happy belated birthday Eric Harris.

Okay, done with this sad stuff. I’ll blog about something happy soon!