Tokio Hotel in Malaysia

April 27, 2010 at 2:58 PM



I just found out today, that Tokio Hotel will be coming down to Malaysia this Saturday for a concert!


It will be held at 1Utama Avenue, which is like 5 minutes away from my place and I can’t go. The thought of Bill and his funky hair being less than 3 km away from me is killing me.


Plus it’s free. The ticket is free.. and if you subscribe to shitmyx broadband, you can even get a meet & greet pass.. a meet and greet with Bill…


I’ve been a fan of Tokio Hotel since they were not even well known in Malaysia. Since Bill was quite young and cute and punk-looking instead of the current hardcore looking with frizzy big hair. Since Bill and the rest didn’t know how to speak English.. since they only have a German only album.. since before they become internationally known band now…

But on Friday I have my dermatologist appointment.. so I can’t jeopardize my treatment so I can’t even go out just to check out the concert. But then again saturday is a public holiday so I’m extremely sure the place will be extremely full and crowded. So even though I have the hots and the urge to rape & kidnap Bill, I have to pass. *psycho fan mode off*


However, there are some idiots who are selling the FREE ticket for as high as RM500.. wtf? Are they high on crack or just plain retarded? No one in their right mind would pay RM500 for a FREE pass to see Tokio Hotel.. unless it’s some really famous singer like the late king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.. that I would pay RM500.. but for Tokio Hotel? Erm Rm100 tops. And that’s if it’s held at indoor arena with EXCLUSIVE VIP pass. Last time when I won the ticket to see Good Charlotte, lesser than that amount got me a round trip to Singapore, a night in exclusive 4 or 5 star hotel stay, the concert ticket in indoor arena plus a meet and greet.. oh plus cab, and food allowance..



I’ve been in a download mode frenzy this past couple of days. Been downloading lots of 90s music videos so that I could dance to them again. I lost a lot of weight through dancing before and well, really restricting my food intake so I’m planning to do the same when i go back to my hometown.. I wanna dance again. I miss dancing. I miss having a flexible body. I wish there’s a way to lose weight fast & easy but I’m scared it would cause more harm to my body.. I mean my acne pill already did. Well back to downloading more stuff.