Reminiscing The 90s

April 25, 2010 at 10:11 PM

Do you remember this?

The boys that created a pop phenomenon together with BSB, The Moffatts, Boyzone, Westlife, 98 Degrees, N*Sync, 5ive, Code Red and many more.

I’ve been re-downloading youtube videos yesterday.. 90s music. I was in the mood for 90s music. Ahh brings back memories. Old happy memories are like loose diamonds.. they’re very precious. I wish someone would invent a time machine so I could go back to the happier days but who am I kidding. Then i’ve been thinking.. how come music nowadays suck? Sure I’m more into heavy stuff rather than pop/boybands/girlbands now but still, music nowadays aren’t like what music was back then. Except a few of course, but seriously I don’t prefer music now.. I could listen to 90s and late 80s music anytime. Just look at the late Michael Jackson.. his music is still fresh till now. Now that’s something. Even the classic like The Beatles, ACDC, Kiss, etc… we still listen to them and won’t get bored.. but tell me.. will anyone listen to Lady Gaga in the next decade?

Ok, Hanson may not the best music.. but seriously, they’re SO MUCH BETTER than Jonas Brother.. and even that hype-over-nothing Justin Bieber. I could not stand listening to Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber.. and Hanson sure did create a world of crazy Hanson obsessed teenyboopers which I was sucked into.. but hey, I still do like their old music.. and I find myself still bobbing my head to MMMBOP now and then…

And I just realized this.. I was searching for Jordan Knight’s video last night because I used to love dancing to this song.. and only now I realize that the hidden meaning of the lyrics are COMPLETELY DIRTY.. haha.. and there I was at 15 singing & dancing along to a song about a guy wanting to fuck a girl good disguised in a video with all dancing people at amusement park.. haha.