Al-Fatihah to Achik Spin

April 18, 2010 at 2:00 AM


We are still shocked over the death of Din Beramboi, we are once again surprised with another shocking news.
Another celebrity death yesterday. Achik Spin. He was only 28.

Achik Spin or Abdillah Murad Md Shari, 28 died in a horrific car crash yesterday evening at around 5-7 pm at the KM-14-8 Lekas Highway (Kajang-Seremban). The car burned down but Achik Spin was thrown out of the car and succumbed to his serious head & body injuries and died on the spot. Other version I heard is that he was trapped in his car, but people managed to drag him out but he was already dead. His other friend however only has light injuries. From the video I saw of the accident, he maybe escaped with a broken leg? Achik was the vocalist from the group Spin.

Not a big fan, but quite a small fan.. because he had some hits that I used to listen to before, and he was extremely CUTE.

It’s so fricken scary. To think, ok, I didn’t see him but some did, he did a live show on TV shortly before the accident I heard. It’s very sad a life could end unexpectedly, on the highway. With the amount of highway accident stories I read everyday, it makes me scared to use the highway. Sometimes, even if you’re careful, other factors could lead to an accident.

Well, RIP. We lost yet another talented artist in the industry.
My condolences to his family.