How To Train Your Dragon & Award Ceremony

April 11, 2010 at 2:58 AM

On Wednesday, I got an sms from college saying I have to come to college on Friday for an certificate award ceremony. I was like.. eh? What certificate? Turns out it was a certificate of participation because I was involved in their ART Carnival Showcase in 2008.. see how long it took them to give it out? Plus some other certs too for other people.

So I went at college at almost 2 pm, met up with my friend and waited until 3 pm.. then there met up with my other friends, camwhored, then after receiving my cert, we left, lol and went to Curve/e@Curve to watch a movie. We wanted to watch ‘How to train your dragon’ in 3D but 3D is no more! Wtf. And only seats left were from second row and having experience sitting in second row before, hurting my neck and eyes, we waited until the booked seats were released.. so we went to eat at Sakae Sushi first.

The movie was awesome! It’s actually very entertaining and funnier than I thought.. although I almost fell asleep because I was tired (woke up at 4 am), but I managed to stay awake throughout the whole movie… and the whole experience would’ve been awesome except that they were some kids who were making noises the WHOLE TIME and pisses me off.. it was so annoying! I felt like strangling the kids.. and the parents… if the kids are the kind that cries or make noises a lot, why bother bringing them to a movie?? It’s not like they would watch the movie! Geez.

So anyways, after that we went to Tesco and I got home at around 11 pm..
I was supposed to do stuff today but I ended up sleeping the whole day, wtf.