The Itch

March 28, 2010 at 1:14 AM

(Vitamin C, THE ITCH, Get Over It OST)

I feel THE ITCH.

Hehe. What I meant is I’m itching to edit a fanvideo. It’s been a long time since I last edited a music video. The thing is, I prefer the noob software rather than advanced editor. I remember when I told my lecturer, that I rather use a noob software than Adobe premiere pro.. why? Because I love how it doesn’t have to create peak file, that takes gigs of space (if you load a movie), it lags like shit if it isn’t a raw AVI file.. even though CS4 can load almost any files now, including direct VOB files..  Thing is, premiere gives more customization .. but it’s so frustrating to use, especially if you don’t have high end computer.



I’m addicted to this song by Adam & Stacy. Now I normally don’t listen to malay songs, but I don’t know why, they keep playing this song and NOW IT’S STUCK IN MY HEAD. It’s too catchy.



Oh yeah, today, I meant yesterday, was Earth Hour! Did you turn off the lights? I kinda did! Hehe.. well I went out shopping.. and I bought a SHIMONO Juice didn’t wanna go home to a dark house so we turned on kitchen light… but that’s it. At least I turned off all other lights including my comp and laptop to support earth hour! Okay, well I’m going to rest now because I’m so tired. I’m going to spend tomorrow working on my assignment.