Raja Lawak 4

February 14, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Raja Lawak 4 or roughly translated as ‘King of Comedy season 4’…

It’s a malaysian reality tv show where each week contestants would have to make a standup comedy in front of live audience for 2 minutes and the not-so-funny ones will be voted out. I thought season 1 and 2 were great and funny.. the best did win.. even though in season one Yus won (whom I did not find quite as funny) but we see now the runner up and the 3rd place winner, Zizan and Johan or Jozan being the popular ones… seasons 2 gave us the TRUE king of comedy, Nabil. Whenever I watch Nabil, I could not stop laughing. His jokes aren’t lame, and he never resort to toilet humor where those lame comedians thought jokes about dirty stuff such as fart or anything is funny.. IT’S NOT. It’s not only disgusting but it’s NOT FUNNY. The 3rd season gives us Sepah.. whom out ALL the contestants in season 3, they’re the only ones that’s funny. I still can’ get over how Amir got into the final and won 3rd place when week after week I feel like punching that retarded midget.

Season 4

Where should I start? Well there’s not much to say except the contestants aren’t funny at all, jokes are lame.. overall it has gone to the bottom of the hell. IT’S STUPID. It’s not funny. What the hell is this? It’s supposed to be a show in search of comedians but what do we get? They all are not fit to be a comedian. I repeat, THEY ARE NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Everytime I turn on the TV, I feel like either throwing my tv out the window or kill myself.


What. The. Eff.
Why did they change the judges? No, they’re not funny at all with their comments. I’m sorry, I’m a huge fan of Afdlin Shauki, Bob Lokman and Din Beramboi but er no.. with them, the show now feel as if it’s just a stupid show. Everything is a joke. It’s not serious. I so prefer the old judges, the veterans..veterans won’t tolerate toilet humor unlike new judges would. What I don’t think is funny, they think it’s hilarious. I don’t get it.

Seriously, stupid shows like this makes me have high blood pressure, pisses me off to no end… I’m just waiting for my blood vessels to burst from all the stupidity. There shouldn’t be a season 5 because it sucks unless they reorganize the show again and FIND FUNNY CONTESTANTS instead of stupid ones. Audience laugh because stupid Malaysians like toilet humor.. they have no sense of good humor. I mean come on, they all laugh and voted for Amir… he’s a good example of MENTAL RETARDATION. A disgrace to the comedy world.