Remembering 2009

December 29, 2009 at 1:15 PM

In just a few days, 2009 will be gone and 2010 will emerge. I still feel that 2009 went by so fricken fast.. it feels as if 2009 was just a week long. Loads of stuff happened in 2009 for me, good and bad.

Early 2009 (January – May)

The first 3 months I spent on internship, and my first look in the industry of filmmaking. This is the time where it was very challenging… I experienced

  • -rushing for deadline
  • -working nonstop on editing videos
  • -sleeping in the office
  • -getting to know some production crews and celebrities, new and the very famous one
  • -working on a movie directed by a well known Malaysia
  • -handled a 3 days Robofair event
  • -freelancing.. and getting some money
  • -being in a movie production.. and being an extra.. at least I experienced what it feels like
  • -Had someone fall in love with me O_o
  • -Went to my 1st Nokia event
  • -Japanese school reunion dinner and Ikeya sensei’s farewell party
  • -Almost gotten high with a DJ lol
  • -Dated a guy for one night only to get a call from his pregnant wife that he’s married, wtf
  • -Got 2 free caricature drawings πŸ˜€
  • -Poisoned my lung with smoke due to heavy smoking with the crews.. effing production people

Actually there’s so much more that happened during the internship. It was my highlight of the year because it was such an interesting experience. Was also yelled at by the head of faculty because I decided to change internship company on the first day, when during midterm evaluation she suddenly told me shit happens and it’s ok… wtf.

Middle of 2009 (May – September)

This is when things went chaotic. Back at college and there wasn’t a single day where I was free… I was overloaded with works – my own and college assignments. Had some fun time, had some rough time where there was arguments and shit like that but hey, it’s all part of life to make it interesting.

  • -Volunteered at Zoo negara.. what an experience
  • -Made quite a few videos.. with my friends, my own.. and for my friends
  • -Was gonna direct a stage reading but pulled out the last minute because of work overload
  • -Made a twilight spoof and thus creating the “I’m soooooo shining” inside joke
  • -Had an annoying class with first and second sem mass comm noobs
  • -Had to shoot and edit 3 documentaries
  • -Had a shit video production 2 class where at the end I ended up bawling my eyes out cuz I was too pissed
  • -Created a Friday Wendy’s routine with Claudia and pet shop routine – looking at cute puppies
  • -Discovered the goodness of chilli pan mee
  • -Discovered the goodness of Papa John, Sakae Sushi, New Zealand Natural and J.Co’s yoghurt
  • -My NDSL was stolen while in Ipoh
  • -Broke up with 2 guys >.< ;;
  • -Went to my 2nd Nokia event
  • -Went to Malacca
  • -Teiko Japanese School reunion dinner πŸ˜€
  • -My 14 in TV died, and bought a new 29 in TV
  • -Bought like 3 external HDD

End of 2009 (September – December)

Still a stressful end to 2009.. Not at the same level as the middle of 2009 but almost..

  • -Nearly got scammed at Times Square
  • -Got scammed online
  • -Bought a new NDSi πŸ˜€
  • -Stressing about graduation showcase
  • -Freelance work with ex lecturer
  • -Final year project
  • -Won two Twilight Saga: New Moon tickets but ended up going alone πŸ™
  • -Experienced first 3D movie haha
  • -Gotten close with some friends that I was never close to
  • -Went to Genting, Hulu Langat lookout point with friends
  • -Smoked sheesha for the first time
  • -Broke up again
  • – Got a video professionally made by the Memory Tree in Toronto
  • -Went to Starbucks’ christmas party
  • -Had another guy fall in love with me… again
  • -Had a nigerian guy hit on me
  • -Found out I still have one more elective class to take next year because my college is retarded
  • -A sane good lecturer leaving the college
  • -Insane yet fun graduation showcase shooting
  • -Went crazy on imported candy

There’s like loads more that I can barely remember because there’s sooooo many things that happened in 2009, and happened so fast that it’s kinda hard to keep track of everything… couldn’t even breathe properly. There’s also some things that happened such as:

  • -The death of MICHAEL JACKSON!.. And other celebs like Farah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Yasmin Ahmad, Loloq, -Brittany Murphy and some I can’t remember..
  • -I’ve been keeping in touch with my ex school mates through facebook, and like majority of them got married this year
  • -Gained a lot of weight
  • -Downloaded so many movies

But year.. 2009 was good and bad at the same time.. it’s just that so much things happening at once. Well, goodbye 2009. I sure have quite a lot of memories. I’m making 2010 a good year for me.. and I wanna start fresh, start a new life and become a new me. I’m still thinking of my new year’s resolution.

Too bad I’m gonna be a year older. Bleh.