Windows 7 is t3h s3x

November 6, 2009 at 7:32 AM


Omg I installed an OS dammit, something I never thought I could do. I was scared shitless that I would screw up everything and thus render my PC unusable but thank God everything worked out fine πŸ˜€ So I decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate because once I saw the GUI in youtube video, and how people keep talking about how good and how fast it is, and much better than Vista that was an epic fail, I decided I’m going to install it. I DESPISE Windows XP. I guess I’ve been using the same ‘windows’ typical look since Windows 95, and that I’m used to Vista and all the glassy aero look.

I can say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Windows 7 πŸ˜€ It’s much faster and less buggier than Windows Vista, so far. Love the simple clean look, the taskbar where they’re only (grouped) icons, the changing desktop themes.. everything. If you’ve been wondering whether to update to Windows 7 from XP or Vista, I’d say DO IT. Definitely. I did a clean install cuz I don’t want any trace of Windows XP in my HDD. At first I thought I wanted a dual boot, but nah.. Not going back to XP. Plus I have way too many junks, I want to get rid of them and start fresh. I did backup my stuff. Now, thing is.. there are some things that I forgot to backup like my Photoshop & After Effects plugins/brushes, my yahoo chat.. and I was like FUCK. But turns out Windows 7 moved all my old stuff in a new folder, so I didn’t lose anything.. ain’t that great? So happy about that.

Now I have to reinstall all my stuff again.. including some of my games @_@ Which is gonna be a pain in the ass, cuz they take really long to install. And another thing, I partitioned my own drive πŸ˜€ Ahh technology.. before when you need to partition your drive, you have to go to DOS and do it manually, etc and it was very complicated.. now it’s all so easy. I’m actually proud of myself for not screwing up anything this time.

Speaking of screwing up, I screwed up my PR exam yesterday. OMG it was SO HARD. I couldn’t even think properly. Everything that I read, I can’t remember any! So I just wrote whatever shit I can think off, hopefully that, and the multiple choice questions plus assignments would be enough for me to pass.. I can’t hope for an A now, I’m very sad. I would not get over this for a long time.

alternate metaverse_001

I tested Second Life in Windows 7… ahh, I forgot how beautiful and tranquil some places in Second life can be… I haven’t logged on for like a year? Almost? It used to be my getaway place when I need to relax, or just temporary forget my real life problems… I used to love to go to a forest or a park or the beach in there, listen to the soft music, nature sounds.. crackling of camp fire, and just stare at the screen for a while. Believe it or not, it helped me to relax and forget my problems. If not, club hopping and just listen to the good music. And if you meet some good people, you can have a good conversation with them. Plus, it’s good for photography.. I love taking snapshots of beautiful places in SL. In December, I’m gonna make my return in SL. If i can’t get real life vacation after graduation showcase is over, I’m vacationing in SL.

I have more to blog but I’ll do it later today. I’m gonna reinstall some stuff now before I have to go to college. God now my final project is giving me a headache. And I can’t find my Microsoft Office 2007 installation file, so I can’t do my pre production stuff for my final project. This is stressing me out. I’m getting stress zits.. and I can’t stand this bad breakouts. I’ve tried a lot of different acne treatments but at last, I go back to wanting the stupid accutane which screws up the menstrual cycle, my mood.. but hey, I’d have a clean, non-oily, zit-less face!