Happy Halloween 2009!

November 1, 2009 at 6:41 AM

Happy Halloween!

I didn’t have much fun this halloween. Last Friday I went to college, then went to the mall cuz my friend wants to use my laptop then got back at almost 10 pm and fell asleep cuz I’ve been up for 2 days T_T Woke up at 3-something am and watched horror movies. Started with Return of the Living Dead 2.. that movie is a joke. I LOVED Return of the Living Dead.. but in part 2, the 2 main characters/actors are back…but part 2 is more like a remake of part 1, but different supporting characters, and quite different stories.. yet same two main actors and exactly like in part 1.. except in part 2 they tried to make the movie funny, and the characters all goofy… epic fail I tell you T_T Then I watched PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. This movie is very much hyped about currently. I downloaded the screener copy that was shown in 2007 and it has a different ending than theatrical one..The movie is CHILLING, which is unexpected. The original ending is SO MUCH better than theatrical.

I have a cold. It was raining extremely heavily yesterday’s morning.

I bought some candies for halloween… I’m never eating atomic fireball candy every again in my life. It’s fucking torture. I still have one more though.. gonna try and eat it and see how long I can last with that candy in my mouth. Good candy to play a prank on people who have never tasted it. I also bought some other expensive candies and lollies and I feel sick eating them.

PR assignment is fucking done! God, one burden is out of the way. Now I can concentrate on shooting, studying for PR exam and the showcase.

I don’t have much to blog about, so I’m gonna rest or watch a movie.