Protector in the Mail

October 22, 2009 at 11:46 PM

Yesterday I finally received my original HORI screen protector for the DSi. 😀

I ordered it from play-asia less than 2 weeks ago and it finally reached me. I got the fake screen protector when I bought the DSi which is normal in Malaysia and I screwed it up. I didn’t know how to put it on so it had scratches and holes on it. But this HORI one is soooo fricken easy to put on and it sticks flawlessly, like it’s not even on the screen. You have no idea how happy I am that the screen is brighter again.

Then I found out about this iPlayer that can play basically mostly any format on the DS/DSi but it’s quite expensive. USD$36+USD$20 shipping (I could opt for free shipping but it’ll take ages). I hate having to convert all videos into DPG before I can put it on my DSi. I’ll get it soon.

My PR class… suddenly we’re told that our last assignment would be a fricken group assignment.. URRRRRGHHHH! I hate this. I thought this semester we could avoid that but nooooo. I HATE group assignment. I’m already rushing for time for my final project and graduation showcase, now I have to worry on group project. Thing is, there’s 7 people in my group. I’m the only girl. And today in class, all we did during discussion was laugh like hell cuz the guys were being perverts that are into beastiality haha. I’m scared it’ll end up having only 2 or 3 people that will do the work. Oh well we’ll see. I usually don’t have good luck with group project.