Trial Scam – PureRezV/PureResVr

October 19, 2009 at 7:37 PM

Okay, in previous posts, I said I wanna talk about this new scam I was unfortunately and unintentionally trapped into. It’s called Pure ResV/Pure RezV

If you play facebook, then you know about all those game applications that can really consume your time. Well during Eid/Hari Raya break, I was soooooo into Sorority Life. I needed ‘brownie points’ which is in-game points that allows you to buy special stuff for your character and to buy it directly is not worth it. USD20 for like 185 brownie points or something like that… then I saw this one offer. A trial pill that you only have to pay USD$4 for shipping and then in exchange you get 200+ brownie points. That sounded like a good deal. By the way it’s the famous resveratrol, which is anti-aging.

My big mistake was not to read the T&C. So I proceed with the order, even during checkout my cart says total cost would be USD$4…only after I submit, with no confirmation whatsoever, they charged me USD$19.95 for the fucking EMS shipping that was not mentioned previously during checkout! So I felt cheated. I went ahead and emailed them to cancel my order and not to ship it but then I googled the name. To my surprise, there are many complaints from people about this trial scam.

You see, you pay $4 dollar for shipping (or USD$20 for international) and they send you this ‘trial’ bottle containing 30 pills. They give you 15 days to try. Now, if you’re sending out TRIAL, shouldn’t the pills be 15 instead of a whole month supply?? Anyways, I keep responding with the fucking customer service and they keep stalling, stalling they couldn’t find me in the database, I even sent them a screenshot and they keep asking for what’s written in my card statement… they keep asking for one info after another UNTIL I get an unsuspecting email saying my order has been SHIPPED!

W. T. F

I was so pissed. A few days later I received it, and the bottle is in bad condition and the package is from CHINA. So I emailed them, and said I have to return the bottle unopened to get a refund. What do you think I am? AN IDIOT? That means I’d have to pay another USD$20 for EMS shipping, or some expensive shipping so it’ll arrive quick before the trial runs out… and guess what? From all the complaints I read, after the 15 days, if you don’t cancel and send the bottle back, you’ll be charged USD90! WTF. Without your authorization too!

Knowing that, on the day I ordered, I already called my card company to send me a new one so they can’t charge me more. I know if I’m charged, I can’t get a refund because their reasons would be “it’s all stated in T&C” and it would be my fault for not reading. So I cussed them out in an email, they keep being retards like they can’t understand that I DON”T have money to pay $90 and I’m NOT going to anyway, and certainly I’m NOT going to spend expensive shipping returning it..

So after 15 days, TADAAA…!
Another email came… they tried to charge me USD$90 but my card declined, haha. Fuck you, scammers. You trick people into this new tactic and not everyone is fortunate enough to know that there’s a hidden trick right after they order. So now I’m just ignoring them.

So you better be careful when placing order. There are a lot of pills out there with so called ‘testimonial’ on how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat, how to gain weight, how to stay young.. but make sure you either read T&C first, order from a reputable dealer or just go to a pharmacy instead! Don’t buy this so called supplements that’s not even FDA approved.