Nintendo DSi

October 13, 2009 at 4:48 AM

This is an overdue post.

I GOT MY FRICKEN NDSi. If you have me in facebook then you might already know.


Bought it last Wednesday (Oct 7th 2009). Been a tough week to research, survey and deciding. I finally decided last minute that I wanted the pink NDSi because it actually look damn good in real rather than the picture. I’ve surveyed Low Yat and Sungei Wang so many times.. I found out that some Sg. Wang sellers are dumb stupid and they want to argue with me with the fact that firmware update 1.4 will block all flashcards, Japanese console is way cheaper (RM580-ish) and they also have the very expensive package (RM1100+). I wanted to buy from this woman at Low Yat for RM800 but she didn’t carry pink NDSi.

So at last, I decided to buy from this guy that i found at Low Yat forum. It’s extremely risky since this is my first deal from someone who doesn’t have a store, and anything could happen. However he is the only one offering Acekard 2i instead of fricken R4i and its clones. The deal price was RM775, but suddenly during that day he said price went up so I’d have to pay RM790 instead which is sooooorta true cuz pink color just launched, the price is still higher than the black one. Oh well. It’s still cheaper than other stores. And cheaper than getting it from Play Asia or something. At least he let me keep the original US charger.. I hate the fact that most stores open up the box, and exchange the charger with a cheap universal charger that’s compatible with Malaysia.

So here’s what I got:

– NDSi console US version
– Acekard 2i
– 4 GB Kingston’s memory card
– Screen protector
– Silicon casing
– Free Malaysian compatible charger

So far I’m loving my NDSi. I fucked up the screen protector though so I bought a new original HORI from Play Asia. Still haven’t arrived yet. I love the camera even though it’s very low quality but I’ve been having fun with it.. love the flipnote application which allows you to do flipbook animation. This would’ve come in handy when I had to do my flipbook animation :\ And if you have wifi connected, it’s like youtube for DSi where you can view animations and download them or comment them. Whatever you write for comment on your DSi will appear on the Flipnote Hatena site. Wanna see some of the comments I’ve made?

No regret. NDSi is better than DS Lite. I seriously hope I won’t lose this one as I’m officially broke and have no more money to replace it. Beside, I’m also saving for PC Fair in December to buy portable HDD 500 GB. It was extremely troublesome that when I went back to Ipoh for Eid break that I had to bring my big external HDD because my portable one died.

Anyways, I don’t know what to think anymore of Malaysia. When I went to Low Yat, there’s A LOT of stores that sells laptops, netbooks, accessories that aren’t MALAYSIAN and by this I mean Bangladesh people.. wtf. They no longer work those low class jobs, they now are entrepreneurs in Malaysia and educated…soon, they’ll conquer businesses in Malaysia and leave Malaysians out of job while they monopolize the industry. There’s way too many foreigners here now. Ain’t that awesome?