ndsl or ndsi?

September 28, 2009 at 3:59 PM

Yesterday I went to a place here in Ipoh where they sell all electronics stuff… well of course can’t compare to Low Yatt or Digital Mall in KL but it’s the best we can get. I was surveying the price of nintendo ds lite and dsi. Good thing is, NDSL has gone cheaper. I can get the whole package like I did (R4, 2GB memory card, screen protector and crystal casing) for roughly RM520 instead of RM700 that I got last year.. well I had pouch thrown in. If I just want the console, the cheapest I see is about RM440.

However, NDSi is fucking expensive here. If I want the console + R4i + screen protector + 2GB memory card with games = Rm8xx! Almost a fricken RM900! Crazy. Well it’s almost the same if I imported from Play-Asia without all other stuff.. but oh man that’s expensive. I have someone from Low Yatt forum to suggest me the lowest price possible.. he listed as DSi RM 6xx.. which is quite ok, however it’s just the console. If that’s the case, I can get flashcart online.. just around USD$13 which is way cheaper instead of buying it here but I’m risking myself. If the product is spoiled, then I’m screwed.

I still don’t know what to get. If I get the same NDSL as my old one, I can still play my Guitar Hero… no worries about new firmware update that will brick the flashcart due to their anti piracy protection… and it’s cheaper now so I can save money. And there’s no other color that I love other than metallic rose.

However, with DSi, I have extra camera feature.. which is not a big thing but it’s a nice add on where you can upload pic directly to facebook.. download dsiware… FLIPBOOK.. omg that’s like the coolest DSi application.. no rebooting when changing cartridge, but it’s more expensive.. plain color, but it’s okay, I can just pimp it up with stickers.  No more guitar hero. And new firmware will keep bricking flashcart.. argh.

I saw Promotional flash drive, but not for portable external HDD… I’m finding it extremely difficult to carry my huge non portable external HDD back Ipoh, and can’t take it anywhere. I want 500Gb :\ PC fair is like couple of months away x.x Well it’s okay, that gives me time to save money.

EDIT: After watching a couple of DSi unboxing videos on youtube and looking at the reviews, I have made up my mind, I’m getting a DSi. I don’t care, I want a DSi.