September 27, 2009 at 5:42 AM

I can’t sleep. I woke up at 4 am and now I can’t go back to sleep which sucks cuz I have to drive back hopefully around 3 am so I could reach 5 am on Monday. I have full day tomorrow which also sucks, plus I have some rush editing job to do.

I’ve downloaded “Funny Games US” but I haven’t watched it yet. If I have time today I’ll watch it.

What do you think of online storage? Like for my shitty connection, I’m sure it’ll take forever to backup my stuff.. but I don’t know. What if you lose your stuff from external drives? You dropped it, or it stopped working, got stolen etc I can’t decide if storing stuff online is better than storing stuff offline on your own external drives. MyOtherDrive gives free online storage of 2GB, the rest you have to pay monthly or yearly, up to 10TB. My stuff is more than 2GB, but still less than 1 TB..mostly movies and videos and pictures… urgh it’ll take forever to backup my stuff online, let alone downloading them again for future use. I wish the net is fast.

Urgh I still haven’t finished treatment for my final project – I have absolutely no idea what to do! And storyboard for the grad thing..sponsorship.. ARGH.