September 25, 2009 at 3:23 PM

Blah. I hate my life. I wish I could just sit at a corner and just die.

Anyways. I saw Dead Snow 2 days ago. It was awesome. Everything was predictable though so I wasn’t scared at all, nothing shocked me however I absolutely love at how gory the movie is. Ripped limbs, intestines..gallons of blood… NAZI zombies…absolutely awesome. I still prefer the old fashioned zombie though.. where they walk slow, and dumb as hell at first and only looks for human flesh or brain instead of the nazi zombie where they act just like human, only stronger and well.. with rotten decomposed body. I still think Night of the Living Dead to be the best classic of zombie. There’s nothing scarier than being trapped and seeing dead bodies coming back to life… basically, the good ol’ zombie apocalypse.

Right after that, I watched The Mist on tv.. oh, such an awesome movie. Now, this movie managed to make me interested in it, made me feel the darkness, the horror.. actually managed to make me feel scared a bit.. I was so into it. Awesome cinematography that captures the horror of the trapped people, excellent story, excellent acting.. that preacher woman annoys the devil out of me, and it was such a pleasure to see her get shot.


I however hated the ending with passion. It was so disappointing. I was hoping the brave people would survive after they tried so hard to escape..but I did not expect at all, that the guy would kill ALL of them.. even his cute son, but before the creature managed to eat him up, he was saved! ARGH! To think that if only he had waited just a short while, ALL of them could be saved is just so fricken disappointing. I was so pissed.


But then I saw it was based from a book.. and I saw who the author is.. Stephen King. No wonder the title sounds familiar, I might have seen the book somewhere before. Stephen King is an incredible author. Now, if The Mist managed to scare me, make me feel the horror, fear the creature, pity the characters, gets annoyed at the characters, you know that’s a damn good movie/story.

Other than the ending, the CGI was a bit too obvious at some part. I just downloaded the movie. Surprisingly it only took around 3 hours or so … which is shocking since I”m in Ipoh and usually the net is shitty, especially for torrents.