Tany’s NDSL Oct ’08 – Sept ’09

September 21, 2009 at 1:37 PM

October 2008 – September 2009

If you haven’t been following my facebook updates, I have unfortunately lost my baby, my lovely metallic rose  ndsl that I bought last year. I have been extremely upset and depressed, still am, but I have to pretend I’m okay so mom won’t get worried like she did on the day I lost my ndsl. I lost my ds console, 2x4GB and 1x2GB microSHDC cards (one I just bought last month at pc fair x.x) and 2 card readers, a mario stylus, extra stylus … and probably original guitar hero on tour game cartridge cuz I can’t remember if it’s in there or not… but it’s useless unless you have the guitar controller which is with me.

Now I don’t know how I lost it. It wasn’t in my bag after I got back from shopping, and I”m guessing that someone stole it from my bag during the crazy handbag sale.. which I bought like fricken 8 of them… maybe it’s my punishment from God for being so greedy but I can’t help it.. they were dirt cheap. I am however thankful that I didn’t lose my wallet which would create chaos with all my cards in there… or my phone.

I was so devastated, that I didn’t feel like being in Ipoh anymore.. I wanted to go back to KL. Everytime I’m in Ipoh, I’d lose something of my properties. I hate Ipoh now. Too much bad memories. But then I was thinking.. at least I lost my NDS, which is replaceable.. what if I lose someone? Since I keep hearing about road accidents that claimed lives.. or my laptop, which I definitely can’t afford a new one.

Speaking of road accidents.. omg, my journey back last Thursday was hell. Not only I had to drive for 4 hours instead of 1 1/2 hours, I had to drive under extremely heavy rain all the way with extremely limited visibility. All I could see was the emergency lights that blink on SOME cars driving at 30-40 kmph.. Imagine that, 40 kmph on a highway. If I didn’t step it up, it would’ve taken 6-8 hours to reach Ipoh… even driving to Singapore takes 5.5 hours x.x Then of course the massive traffic jam because people starting to drive back to hometown. Gah, hell.

I had a freakish dream today that someone stole my laptop. Even in dream I could feel the fear, the sadness and all that shit. Laptop is replaceable too, but it’s not a matter of replacing what can be replaced, it’s about losing what CAN’T be replaced.. like photos and videos of yourself and have some strangers look at them.

Anyways, I’m definitely replacing my NDSL. Mom is helping me because she felt sorry for me. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my ds, and how I care for it, and how obsessed I am with it. Thing is, now I don’t know if I should get the same metallic rose NDSL again which should be cheaper now or get NDSi instead which cost about the same as I first bought my lost NDSL. I have to do research again T___T I don’t really care about camera and all that crap.. but I really love the feature where you don’t have to turn off your ds to switch card, which is extremely convenient. But it would render my guitar hero controller absolutely useless, and no more guitar hero.

And it might take a while for me to get my new ds even though I can afford one now. Oh what would I do during boring hours when I don’t have ds with me??

Sucks to be me.