August 27, 2009 at 6:10 PM

Wow, now I’m bored.

I haven’t had time to rest for the past what… 3 months? Now I finally have the time to rest, I feel bored. It’s like, when I’m too busy to do personal stuff, I get all this crazy ideas to do things to procrastinate, but when I finally have the time, nothing comes to mind. I can’t even play The Sims 3 or Spore without getting bored after 5 minutes when I could play them for hours not long ago. All I’ve been doing is sleep since I didn’t get much sleep for quite a while.

I did finish watching Little Britain USA yesterday. It was hilarious. Oh, The Sims 3 World Adventures will be coming out soon, I’m excited! πŸ˜€ The first expansion for The Sims 3. I wish they do the same expansions as the sims 2 though.. I loved university life, and pets.. oh well.

I wanna go shopping. I want to get this hair cologne badly.. cuz they smell nice. And I also need new foundation and face powder.. night cream, and a fricken new chair from ikea.. because I can’t stand this chair no more. It hurts my ass, my thighs and my back. Not comfortable at all. Oh crap, not to mention Acer’s laptop charger too because the universal charger one sucks. I can’t even move the laptop or it’ll be loose and shuts down my lappy. πŸ™ My portable HDD died too πŸ™ Fuck. I didn’t backup some stuff. Argh.

Oh yeah, I have meeting tomorrow at college. πŸ™ They’re not letting us be free this holiday or go back to hometown because of the grad showcase. Blergh.

Well, I’m gonna go do pointless stuff now. Toodles.