Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince

July 16, 2009 at 5:32 PM

I watched Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince!
It was t3h aw3someness!

I’m back with my tradition – watching HP on the first morning screening. I missed it last year because I had no one to go with. I saw the sneak peak yesterday on HBO and the clips looked awesome so no matter what I wanted to see it today. So I booked the ticket online and at the time I booked it, all the back seats were taken, there was only 2 seats left on the 4th row from the back I think but today the whole row behind me was empty, wtf. Prolly only a few seats were taken but the rest? EMPTY. Wtf. But nevermind, I had a perfect seat, right in the center. Not too far back, not too front. And yeah I went alone.

The movie itself was awesome and…the word I long to say – satisfying. HP has been quite a disappointment for me since Prisoner of Azkaban (3rd one). I’ve always felt that they left out the ‘magical’ world of HP and just concentrate on the plot and darkness. But I’m so glad that the 6th one is damn satisfying for me. It has all the elements that made the 1st and 2nd to be great, in my opinion.

Okay, what’s so satisfying? It has the magical element. One special thing about HP is the magical world. They brought back the magic of HP’s world. They ignored this before after the 2nd one. The first half of the movie is more relaxed. That’s what I like. Sure there’s some dark moment but it doesn’t get intense until the next half of it. It’s FUNNY! Previous HP has been — well dark. Too dark. But glad this one they included some funny scenes. Then quidditch! πŸ˜€ What else.. oh yeah, expect some funny ‘romance’ scene because hey, they are growing up. Hormones kicking in.

They included very intense moment. Trust me, one scene made everyone jumped in their seat, screaming. Then they included sad moment. Very sad. At the end, they leave you wanting for more of it.. so which means I can’t wait for the next movie. Glad they’re making the final one into 2 parts.

Oh yeah, the movie is pure orgasmic. Previously, only the 2nd and 4th one was pure orgasmic for me because of Tom Riddle’s evilness and death (in 2nd) and Cedric Diggory’s death (in 4th).. but this one — finally Draco gets lots of screen time as he’s now part of the plot so yeah, pure orgasmic. Especially how evil he looks in this one. Totally hot. I won’t spoil any scene for you though.

Oh and I really love the kid and the guy who played young Tom Riddle. The teenage Tom Riddle is perfect at portraying Tom. He’s like so innocent looking yet so very evil, like you can feel his ‘evil’ from his look.. like ‘The Omen’ movie. I actually felt creeped out watching the teenage Tom Riddle.

So yeah, Half Blood Prince did not leave me somehow unsatisfied like the previous 3 films, so it was great. I have to admit, I’ve only read halfway through the 6th book and still haven’t touched the 7th book. I listened to a few chapters yesterday (Half Blood Prince’s audio book) before I fell asleep though. I should start listening again, then listen to audio book 7. I’m lazy to read books.

Draco Malfoy

Nothing better than evil guy in all black suit.
Is it getting hot in here?

Sorry I have a thing for bad boys. Anyways. On totally different topic, I need new face skin careedfa. Ones I’ve been using don’t really work anymore. I’m wondering if Dr. Murad is good? I’ve heard good things about the product but I don’t know.. I can’t easily trust any brands nowadays.

Next movie I can’t wait to watch: The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
Saw the poster of it on my way out of the cinema — hot Edward Cullen and hot Jacob Black (so glad they make his hair short now).. can’t get any better than that. *fangirl mode* But that’s not until November 27th. πŸ™