Goodbye, King of Pop

June 26, 2009 at 6:05 PM

I woke up this morning, and usually the first thing I’ll do is check facebook. Suddenly I see all this status saying ‘RIP MJ’.. I was shocked so I went to yahoo news and saw the headline.. “MJ dies at 50”.. I just cannot express my shock. When something you totally don’t expect happening, it makes an impact on you. I mean MJ has always been my fave idol since I was a toddler. MJ is one of a kind – the type that people call as evergreen. His songs, no matter how old they are, will always be playing until years to come. You will NEVER get bored of it. You will also never get bored of his dance, and people still do the moonwalking. For an icon like MJ to die at the young age of 50 is just simply sad. It’s just like Elvis or even Malaysian’s legendary artist, P. Ramlee. They all die at young age. Yeah I am extremely sad, because I’m a HUGE fan of MJ. MJ has an impact in my life, and everyone’s lives.. I mean.. come on.. with other artists, I like then then I don’t.. but with him, I grew up listening to him. So yeah, a truly sad day.

Another artist that died yesterday is Farrah Fawcett. I knew her when I was obsessed with “Man of the House” starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. She was really huge back then as one of the Charlie’s Angels and also so pretty. But she had been battling cancer so it’s not as shocking as MJ. See, I don’t hear much of her death, because those who didn’t grow up watching Charlie’s Angels would not even know her. Everyone has been saying about MJ, and none really mentioned Farrah except maybe a few.. sad, really. Shows that MJ had greater influence in everybody’s lives.

RIP MJ and FF.

On other completely different stuff… I’m surprised I managed to finish downloading Gypsy 83. I mean, there has been only 1 seeder! The download took a few days but yeah, glad I don’t have to order it from amazon because I’ve tried searching it here and I can’t find it. I have to give props to Sara Rue for her daring act of being topless in the movie.. No comment on Kett Turton, I’m just in heaven everytime I see him. I wish I could have someone like Clive (Kett Turton’s character) because he worships Gypsy (Sara) so he’s like this gay boy toy that you keep and drags around as your companion.

Guitar Hero on Tour Modern Hits for the DS is out. Awesome. I need new microsdhc card.

I went to college, got home at 3.30 pm but was called again for meeting so I rushed to college and as soon as I arrived they all left just like that, wtf. So basically I wasted my petrol and rushed to college for nothing. But at least they saw my face there so it’s okay.

Alright, I’m gonna go rest while watching Gypsy 83 or play with my DS… I might fall asleep anyway. Ciao.