Regalodge Hotel

June 8, 2009 at 2:21 AM

I’m in Ipoh now.

The wedding was blah. I didn’t even get to go to my friend’s wedding because I was pressed for time. Minus the time I was very emo when I went back to my house, cuz basically it’s so dirty and they fucking stole the expensive wall lamps that I picked years ago 🙁 Oh my god, you have absolutely NO fucking idea how hot Ipoh is! It’s triple times hotter than KL and I’m NOT exaggerating. Seriously. I was pissy all the time. My cousin’s wedding was at my old technic school and it was soooo fucking hot and there was no aircond. But we all went just a ‘lil’ bit late and the food was all gone, wtf. Yeah, they didn’t expect that many people to come. At least I got to see some of my relatives.

So I went to Regalodge hotel after that to check it out. Now, I want to tell you. Regalodge hotel is the BEST cheap hotel that I know of. Before I’d usually stay at Grand View Hotel and it sucks! It’s basically the same price too. Well, my mom could get discount because she’s a government pensioner. So the room rate cost RM89 per night instead of RM116 without breakfast.

Now, what’s so cool about it? First, the guy at the reception was EXTREMELY nice to us, which was a major plus. He was very friendly and he showed us the difference between standard room and superior room to us so we could decide, how nice! No other hotels I’ve been to would do that. So we decided on superior room (with carpet instead of wooden floor) because both have the same rate anyway. They have more facilities than Grand View Hotel.. here’s how they differ:

RL – Regalodge
GV – Grand View

RL: A bathtub (YAY.. actually you can choose.. standard has shower, superior has tub, same rate)
GV: Only shower.

RL: 32 in flat screen LCD tv, wtf… major awesomeness.. with more channels
GV: 21 in standard tv with blurry channels.. not many selection, only like 3 or 4 astro channels

RL: You can phone and order food and have them delivered to your room
GV: Nothing.. you have to get your own food outside

RL: Really comfy room
GV: Very small room

RL: Fast wifi!
GV: Wifi with so-so speed

RL: Good but limited outdoor parking space, but you can park outside and they pay for it
GV: Outdoor parking and limited basement parking.. I love basement parking

Other Regalodge facilities: Mini bar (wtf), a safe box (wtf), complimentary shower cap, soap, bath foam, toothbrush, razor…hairdryer (wtf yay), hot water pipe that works.. and just some other little things…

For a cheap hotel, the facilities is unbelievably good.. and with good first impression from the friendly guy at the reception, I highly recommend this hotel and I am so coming back here whenever I need to stay at the hotel in Ipoh.

Anyways, after giving some thought, instead of being emo to H I let him come to meet me at the hotel room at almost 11 pm. Since I was hungry, he bought me KFC. Stupid KFC. Gosh I eat a lot of junkfood. I should cut down. I want to see my old dermatologist and get some diet pills that used to keep me skinny but I don’t have money. Blah. Anyways, he wanted to talk about our problems. *shrugs* I didn’t want to see him but oh well.. if one treats me like shit, doesn’t mean I can treat them like shit too. Unless I have to.

I was supposed to film some stuff for my film but I got too scared tonight. I’ll do it in the morning. Then tomorrow H will take me to some places so I could film some stuff. At least I have somebody to go with. Okay, it’s 2 am now.. I’m gonna go take this laptop in the bathroom and soak in the tub and then do some research then sleep. Nite.