Kondom des Grauens

May 19, 2009 at 12:17 AM

I can’t help but to blog about this. I was reading my very old blog and found this entry about this movie I watched before titled “Killer Condombackgammon free casino money free craps game play free black jack craps video poker strategy play black jack online how to win video poker casino game online uk best casino online casino secure online gambling jackpot casino online casino black jack learn to play craps how to win at video poker craps online blackjack casino game online casino betting free on line video poker casino games no download casino online gambling casino play free casino slots video poker machine bonus video poker free on line slots double bonus video poker free video poker games free casinos roulette online craps rules free on line casino rules of craps online casino free money blackjack 21 internet casino how to play craps free casino game download fortunelounge online casino free casino download free casino card game free roulette game free casino play no deposit free money casino internet casino online ” or in German “Kondom des Grauens“.. it’s a very stupid B-grade movie, but kinda hilarious. Here’s what I wrote in my post dated March 26th 2004 (wow 5 years ago)

ROFLMAO. Where do I start…. LOL

I decided to download this movie after knowing that the movie is about killer condoms, despite all the bad reviews on how crap the movie is. It made me laugh because it was weird. ROFL.

First of all, it was weird because it was set in NEW YORK but everybody speaks German o.O;; Everybody.. I haven’t heard a single English in the movie except once or twice by the actors.. I mean, if it’s New York, shouldn’t we hear English at least once??? Anyways, it’s about this hotel called ‘Hotel Quickie’ that is a place for hookers to bring their clients in and do their stuff.

It starts with a few hookers and an innocent girl witnessing the condoms biting the ding dong -.- Okay so we don’t exactly see the ding dong but still… razz So Officer Macaroni (what a name, it makes me hungry, LMAO) decides to investigate the case. He went to the hotel and met a boy named ‘Billy’. He’s cute but what disturbs me is that Billy looks like Elijah Wood -.- Officer Macaroni is GAY. Rofl. So he was about to do it with Billy.. and his ding dong is 32 inches long! LMAO. You don’t see it but you see the shadow of it on Billy’s face. That was amusing. And yada yada yada, the condom bit his right nut off. LOL At the hotel, he also met his old friend who is now a transvestite called ‘Babette’ (previous name is Bob, lmao). And Babette is deeply in love with Officer Macaroni but he doesn’t love ‘Babette’.

More and more condoms bit guys’ ding dongs until the condom decided to attack the public too.. it attacked a woman’s nose, and even President Dick‘s ding dong. The condom has the teeth like piranha mind you. Then it turned out the condoms were made by Professor Smirnoff, forced by this lady named ‘Dr. Riffleson’ who is a doctor. And she’s a religious freak. She’s against gays and transvestite and that’s why she wanted to develop the killer condoms to teach these people a lesson. (She did it for God, she said). They also developed a special uber big monster condom for Officer Macaroni since his ding dong is 33 inches… lmao

You don’t see any nakedness in this movie though except for Billy’s ass. But the movie is lame XD If you need a laugh, watch this movie, ROFL. satisfied

And here’s the trailer!

PS: I’m now starting to play “Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times (US)/Enchanted Folk & The School of Wizardry (EU)” on my Nintendo DS. I heard it’s a sort of Harry Potter meets Animal Crossing which I love! Taking a break from Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Plus.. cuz that game is SO FRIGGIN EVIL.