Dave Lehre / My Updates

April 13, 2009 at 6:36 PM

So, a few posts back, I wrote about TURBO: The movie starring Dave Lehre, the guy that is my inspiration when it comes to the filmmaking and editing world and last week I checked my myspace and I was surprised to see I got a message from him πŸ™‚ Apparently, he somehow saw my blog and my post about his movie so he was sending me a message letting me know and saying his thanks… awwww thanks Dave! πŸ™‚ You rock.

I still can’t wait to see TURBO: The movie.

I’d like to post another short movie starring Dave Lehre, directed by Michael and Daniel Carberry. Now, if you’re just a watching this, you’d be like WTF? Now if you’re a film student, or like to go in depth with the technical stuff, now this is a very good short film. I just love the cinematography. The angles are good, the lighting gives the mysterious, dark mood as we listen to the character hear his own conscience and struggles with his addiction with pills. Dave did a great job portraying an addict. Makes you feel you, too, is going crazy in a very claustrophobic room.

Bah to see young filmmakers do good films really depresses me. I’m pathetic.

Other than that, work has been very interesting. I saw them testing the robot costume for the movie. It’s still very private and confidential so I can’t leak any photos lol. Hmmm what else… well for the past one week, I’ve been going home very late. Last Friday my colleague was on tv, and yesterday they were in the newspaper… which would’ve included me had I wore the damn shirt.

Last Thursday Andre suddenly requested me to do production booklet for the pre production meeting.. so I was like rushing and stuff. There was A LOT to compile and type. And funny coincidence, we saw a singer on tv who has the EXACT hair that Andre has, so we’ve been calling him “Tomok” cuz that’s the artist’s name.. but since he, too, is my Japanese language buddy, so he prefers to be called “Tomogo”, the male version of the name ‘Tomoko’.

PC Fair started on FRIDAY! I went in the morning, lol. Was rushing and all. There was an offer for HDD for REALLY cheap (Rm299!) for 1 TB but only for the first 50, and how unfortunate that before that I went to the bank to withdraw money and fucking ATM machine ate my card! So I could have gotten the HD for extra 40 bucks for RM339 (still cheaper than other booths) but I decided that I don’t like the design. It’s quite light so when my cat goes crazy, they can easily bumps into the HD and it could easily slide off the table.

So I decided to get 2 x 500GB Maxtor OneTouch 4 HD at RM199 each (still in the first 50 people promotion)…so it’s RM398, which technically almost the same price as Western Digital’s 1TB My Book Home edition at RM399. However, after reading lots of comments about HD failing after a short while, I got scared. That’s why I decided to get 2x500Gb, so in case one fails, I have the other. I’ll wait until PC Fair in August. By then, the 2TB HD would probably become cheaper (PC Fair offer was RM888! O___O) ..I want the 4TB though lol. Still over RM1500+ , geez.

PC Fair opened at 11 am, and I arrived at 11.30 am, but it was already so friggin crowded that you can barely walk, gah. The biggest promotion is P1 W1max’s new modem promotion called “Wiggy”.. huge promotion on that. It’s like every inch you turn, a wiggy promoter will bug you about their new modem. To me, even though they promise 10mb connection, if there’s a fair usage policy, with only 10GB quota, fuck no man. I’m sticking with Screamyx…shitty as it is, at least it won’t throttle my bandwidth cuz it has no quota. The speed just…suck.

But I did get to eat Yoshinoya! πŸ˜€ Fucking cheap promotion, RM7.90 for a bowl of beef rice, a bowl of miso soup and small chawanmushi. But what the hell, they’ve turned stingy on chawanmushi! It’s only a couple of spooful now, it’s so little, and it only has like a piece of mushroom and that’s it! No crab no fish no nothing..! Wtf.

Anyways, on Saturday…I had pre-production meeting until 1 am…wahhh T____T It’s all cool though.

Anyways, I’m like procrastinating now when I have so much to do. lol. I should get back to work. I wanna go home and backup more stuff. At least my lappy is no longer running out of diskspace, yay!