TURBO The Movie

March 29, 2009 at 1:24 PM

I’ve been a fan of David Lehre for quite a while, ever since Myspace: the movie first came out. So few days ago Dave released a trailer of his upcoming movie and I can’t get over how cool the movie looks, how cool he edited the trailer to be and how extremely hot Dave is with the badass look. I’d do anything to *BEEP* Shamus (his character) based on his look in the trailer.

What I adore about Dave is that he’s an inspiration to me. He’s a self-made and self-thought filmmaker. He’s now living in LA, has won some contests (big money, big cars) and doing shows and in movies and talk shows. Many said he sold out, but then again, which filmmaker wannabe wouldn’t do that? It’s the only way to get noticed, and I respect Dave for wanting to be known and famous. I know how that feels like.

Anyways, here’s the trailer to TURBO the movie:

I celebrated EARTH HOUR last night.. it was fun being in the dark lol. I heard they’re having a party at Sunway and all. Wish I could join. So in the dark, I just played a dating game on my phone which I’m so addicted to, while sms’ing with H for an hour. You know, I noticed he has changed a lot, even after breaking up with his gf. It makes me happy that’s he’s not emo…for a reason.

After I could turn lights back on, GRINDHOUSE: DEATH PROOF movie was on.. omg I’ve been trying to find that movie for SO LONG ever since I watched GRINDHOUSE: PLANET TERROR. I finally found Planet Terror but couldn’t find Death Proof.. so I was happy cable tv showed it 😀 At first I thought Death Proof would be boring, compared to Planet Terror, cuz hey, zombie movie wins everything.. but it turns out better than expected.. so I like it. Not a zombie movie, but still good to watch.

Alright gonna go do something now.