Domain Update

March 16, 2009 at 10:23 PM

My domain is expiring in a few days… if I don’t fork out another $50 bucks this domain will be gone. So bye bye.

*if you can’t tell I’m in major depression now*

EDIT// I have opted for monthly payment, because turns out the $50 setup fee is waived  for me for being over 97 days. So now I have to pay $10.95 every month instead of $9.95 when paid annually. Such a hassle. But on the positive side, if in case I need to switch host, cancel hosting, or whatever, I can do so now without worrying that I’ve already paid for a year.

I’ve been thinking of switching host anyway… any recommendation that’s cheap, and RELIABLE in terms of uptime and support. Plus with 1-click install of any scripts or application with 1-click update… I don’t want to use FTP to update everytime.

Anyways, proper blog coming soon. Blah I have much updating to do. I just finished a project yesterday and today I was just given a new one which has to be researched, compiled, edited and rendered within 24 hours. Fun. I broke a part of my laptop at the part where the heat comes out…. now I have an ugly hole at the bottom back of this laptop. Poor laptop. 🙁