Morbid Obsession

March 5, 2009 at 3:31 PM

Another day of nothingness. So for the whole day at work I’ve been watching youtube, trying to learn after effects, watching videos in my laptop and reorganizing folders. I also fell back into my morbid obsession with death… all because in the morning I was listening to online radio, and Aaliyah‘s song came up and suddenly remembered her death.. googled stuff, videos.. which then lead to TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes who died in a car crash at Honduras shortly after Aaliyah’s plane crash… I love the ‘bone chilling’ feel in the morning as you imagine what happened to them.. plus, they released Lisa’s video tape which showed a few seconds of her life before the crash… *Shudders*

Well it was raining earlier, so now the net is fucked… x.x I can’t do shit online, so I’m reorganizing folders. Meh.

I need to get rid of this depression… I’ve gained more than what I’ve lost x.x I just forgot what else I wanna write about… eh, I’ll continue later. Oh there’s a portable laundry hamper that’s so convenient to use.. it can be be used to put your laundry in (and easier to drag to the cleaner), or used to carry other things such as groceries. Ooo I want one.