The Power of 3 Compels You

February 16, 2009 at 12:37 AM

I have been so bored this past couple of days, that I’ve started to get depressed, and started eating. Great.

I have been re-addicting myself to CHARMED season 8. πŸ˜€ God I miss that show.. love it to bits. However, one thing that has obviously changed was the theme song. I don’t remember Charmed having other theme tune than the one they always have – “How Soon Is Now?” by Love Spit Love. Hearing that song just makes me have flashbacks, bringing me back down to memory lane. I hate how you can listen to a song that you used to, then when you listen to it again, suddenly you can smell the past, feel like you’re in the past …exactly at the time you first listened to the music. It’s like a time machine or something. Anyways, here’s the new theme song if you haven’t heard of it:

After researching, I found out that by the time they released season 8 on DVD, the licensing for the original theme song has expired so they had to replace it with a new instrumental music. Well,I’ve grown to like this new theme tune and it fits really well with the series, had it been the original theme since season 1 but you know.. “How Soon is Now?” is CHARMED.. know what I mean? You hear that song and you know it’s Charmed.. has been so for years so suddenly to adjust to a new theme is awkward.. uhhh technically, the new theme is actually an instrumental of the original theme, only without singing.. still hot though.

I so want season 1 now.

Yesterday I went to Giant mall and saw LCD TV.. I want πŸ™ Then few days ago H was showing off that his name showed up as the lucky draw winner who won the 32in LCD TV… gah. Why can I never be that lucky? Like lucky winning a lottery or something — instant millionaire. However, mom and I had a good lunch yesterday. I’ll blog about it soon.

I have to go to college tomorrow morning before work because I think I forgot to fill up the subject registration form. There were so many papers and things on internship to remember before, that I had completely forgotten about subject registration form. I’m such an idiot. I hope I won’t get yelled at.

Okay.. I’m gonna go and do nothing now.