Streamyx downloading at 2.5 MB!

January 30, 2009 at 7:03 AM


I tried re-downloading a 3 Ninjas movie on my main comp and this happened!


OH MY GOD. You hear me complaint about my shitty internet connection and suddenly, I was downloading at like……… 2.5 MB! WTF! That NEVER happened, will NEVER happen until now.. o.O; And my connection is only 2 MB (1 MB in Ipoh).. how can it go above my limit?? What’s funny is that, only for that particular file, as you can see my other download is like 3 KBPS! Usually, I’ll download at around 20 kbps, if I’m lucky, 40 kbps…. if I’m extremely lucky which happened couple of times before, I get 100-ish kbps for torrents…

But never 2.5 MB!

That movie, with the size 700MB was done in like less than 5 mins o.O! Woooow… if only that speed stays for all downloads, everytime, forever… wow…

I’m still in extreme shock. Excuse me.