Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny

January 4, 2009 at 4:21 PM

Wow how stupid.

Last Friday, they showed TENACIOUS D: PICK OF DESTINY movie on HBO, and it’s Tenacious D’s first feature film.. I was excited to see it because I love Tenacious D.. Jack Black is awesomely funny but to my surprise, the movie didn’t make sense! And it ended in just 60 minutes, so I was like WTF? Only an hour?? The ending was hanging too… Years ago I watched their “Tribute” music video and loved it.. when I watched the movie so I understood what the music video was about.. it relates.. but wtf.

Then I just found out HBO asia fucking CENSORED like HALF—may I repeat– HALF of the movie, wtf. They censored so much that the movie came out total shit and didn’t make any sense at the end, however still funny in the middle. So I accidentally found the ending on youtube and OHHHHHHH… they censored the scenes with a DEVIL in it… ok, so not sure if HBO asia or our own astro (cable tv) that censored it, but I’m assuming they still think the devil is very sensitive thing to show.. but still! Gah. If they wanna cut half of the movie, better don’t show it at all.. I hate abrupt ending.

Gonna find the movie… it’s actually a really funny movie.