January 3, 2009 at 11:53 PM

One more day of freedom.
Then I have to start stressing about job.

Anyways. I’m watching The Matrix now.. that somehow reminds me of my old lecturer, Mr Eddie because he always give The Matrix as example in his lecture. So I borrowed the dvd from him.. I still have Ito’s The Matrix Revolutions DVD with me but I can’t watch it until I watch The Matrix Reloaded. Keanu Reeves is so hot.

On New Year’s day, they showed Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times on local tv.. I was very surprised, haha. They haven’t showed any Chaplin’s movie in like ever, so it was weird that they showed Modern Times all of a sudden, and it was the movie I had to do analysis on. Wish they showed Chaplin’s other movie though cuz I’ve already seen Modern Time. My uncle was loving it too… I forced my mom to watch the singing part but she was clueless. Really love that singing part hehe. Here I’ll show you the singing scene from youtube.

(omg this video is the full version of the singing, unlike in the movie which has a cut at the end)

Oh speaking of movie, I just remembered. Last Tuesday, I went to watch a movie with Sharina. You see, first we wanted to see THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, cuz we didn’t have many choices.. hey it’s Ipoh. If KL, we would have lots of choices in the cinema. Anyways, then I read the synopsis for BEDTIME STORIES and thought it might be funny cuz hey, it has Adam Sandler <3 So we went at 11.30 am (for 11.45 am show) but omg, it was FULL! wtf. We didn’t see people and yet it’s full?? So because we didn’t wanna sit at the front and hurt our neck and eyes, we decided we’d watch the 5.10 pm show. We bought the tickets and got good seating. But it was only 11.40 am, we had hours still… so we decided to go to her house, and switch car and use hers.. had to wait cuz her dad ‘stole’ her car lol. I like her car cuz it’s still new.. has the new car smell.. I wish I’m working and earning enough to buy a car now :\Β  Anyways, so we went to places.. went back to my house to get my phone, picked up her brother and went back to Jusco and ate lunch –slooooowly. We got sick πŸ™ So then I went to bookstores, and bought 2 books on how to do resumes lol Then watched the movie.

The cinema was FULL. BEDTIME STORIES is hilarious! Haha. Gotta love Adam’s about Adam Sandler who has to take care of his niece and nephew, and when he told them bedtime stories and the next day they becomes real… the movie is actually cute, plus the guy behind us had this really strange laughter, and he was laughing for quite a while and it was really funny, lol.

Oh and I saw the poster titled RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN at the cinema and wiki confirms that it’s the remake of the original 1975’s Escape to Witch Mountain.. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and its sequel RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN are like two of my all time fave disney movies! I used to looooove Ike Eisennmann who played Tony cuz he was sooo cute in the first movie then became HOT in the sequel and Kim Richards who played Tia who turned from cute into very pretty… omg I’m excited lol. Won’t be the same but at least they have same story.. now I wanna watch Escape and Return from witch mountain.. stupid vhs player being broken arrrgh.

I want the DVD now… god, Tony being bad/evil in the sequel always turn me on o.O;; Here’s the trailer of the original Return to Witch Mountain… evil Tony weeee

Oh I just found out I can watch both movies in youtube, yay! Me happy.
EDIT// omg they have Escape to Witch Mountain 1995 remake starring Erik von Detten.. yay for youtube… I never knew that movie existed.. too bad the girl isn’t cute.. original Tia was much cuter… I used to be obsessed with Erik, cuz he’s hot. <3

It’s been raining the WHOLE DAY.. from morning till night so the weather has been cold… brr. I love it, feels like I don’t want to get out of bed. Ka Mun surprisingly called me on the phone today, so chatted a bit with her. She told me I can see the time table online at segi2u, not that I’d have any class.. Anyways, my juniors have EDITING subject? Wtf? My batch didn’t have that subject before! wtf. That’s like the most important subject and I’m going for internship without taking the editing subject…. wtf. My batch didn’t even take Intro to DTP wtf.

Anyways, I’m gonna watch the rest of the matrix and bore myself to death. Not like I have anyone to talk to online, or anyone to hang out in rl, cuz H has been very busy.. everyone’s busy.. no time for me at all. It’s fine.. sure.. whatevaaarrrrr. >=( Sucks when you’re on holiday, and you have no one to entertain you, and at the end, you just bore yourself to death. Watching a chicken hatch an egg is more fun than what I’ve been doing this holiday.