December 28, 2008 at 4:24 AM


Strange.. Apple Safari browser is loading my site and my wordpress dashboard pefectly fine so might as well do another blog.  Anyways, yesterday I was bored so I decided to go shopping alone at Ipoh Parade. Goddamnit it was like so fricken packed. I couldn’t find parking space at the basement area but when I decided to go spiral way up, luckily I instantly got a space even where there was like cars lining up searching for parking.

I hate Ipoh Parade on weekend. Stupid malay boys that dress all emo, but they look so stupid and so gay. I love emo boys, and I think they’re fucking hot (if they look and dress right) but come on, malay boys who look so ‘kampung’ (as in from wherever village) doest NOT look good at all.. plus they behave very badly. They’re usually in a group with other so-called emo or punk or gothic boys and really slutty and annoying girls. At least they’re not like those who go to Times Square dress up as emo and goth, and I do mean dress up — like those jrock or Japanese people who dresses up at Harajuku or at cosplay event. Really stupid. I don’t mind if they look hot, but they don’t.

Then I went to game shop.. spent like an hour there asking about PSP and DS Lite to kill time. lol. He was promoting very old console, for really expensive price.. everything was ridiculous. DS Lite is RM699, but old console.. he didn’t even know the charger is different from ours. Plus, he was saying original R4 is the fake one? Puh-lease. PSP2000 cost RM1099, ack.. for an old, ugly, blue limited edition rugby/football PSP? No thanks. But I do love the crimson black DS Lite, my 2nd choice. The bottom surface is not the smooth version, so you don’t get finger prints. Oh and I bought new transparent crystal casing FINALLY and cheap too..! YAY so I took out the sparkling crystal beads that I decorated my DS Lite with, bought new one, put casing on that fits perfectly unlike the old mario one, and pasted the same new beads I bought on the casing and voila..! Looking good now 😀 And no more worries about dirtying my DS Lite.

Oh then, there was some event thing outside of the mall.. they were way too many people, I couldn’t even walk.

Then I went to this 999 booth which is the police. They were displaying pictures so I decided to look and turns out they were pictures of accidents. They were promoting road safety.. so first I saw motorbike accidents, then car accidents, then road accident, and traffic violation. At least the car accident part, they only showed mostly wrecked cars, and only one photos with a family dead and trapped inside a totaled car. The road accident part was GRUESOME. It shows all the bodies from accidents.. so you see a closeup of body with totally smashed head, and the brain is all over the road… a lorry ran over a body and the leg was torn apart, and you can see THE MEAT. Looks like butchered up cow meat.. you can’t even tell it’s actually human leg. Then I saw intestine.. urgh, totally gruesome death caused by road accidents… it was chilling.. and I kept staring at them upclose, lol .. you don’t get to see that often! Totally didn’t expect they would show those kind of photos. And you know I have a morbid interest in those kind of photos.

Then I went to the drugs display.. Now I know what each illegal drugs look like.. ecstasy, heroin, marijuana,cocaine  etc etc and tools that are used to smoke weed or take drugs.. ugly tools.. not like those cool looking bong you see in movies. Anyways, I was looking and the policewoman came and gave explanation on the drugs, especially ecstasy. Then she asked this guy how much an extremely small packet of syabu (or crystal meth) cost… the amount of the crystal meth is like one spoonful worth. it goes like this:

Policewoman: Guess how much is this one packet of syabu (crystal meth)? *points*
Guy: Huh?
Policewoman: Just guess…
Guy: Ummmm that? Er 10 bucks?
Policewoman: *grins* No… RM18, 000
Guy: WHAT.. THE?!?!?!??!!! OHHHH MY GOOOOODDDDD RM18, 000????!!?!!

My jaw dropped. Omg, I so didn’t know a small packet of crystal meth is RM18,000???? Wtf? No wonder we rarely hear about crystal meth addicts in Malaysia — even millionaire would go bankrupt to be able to afford their crystal meth addiction. But man, those selling that here would be hella rich.

Ok, this blog is getting very long. The End.