Omarosa vs Piers

December 25, 2008 at 1:51 AM


Usually on Christmas eve, my tradition is to watch A CHRISTMAS CAROL. My Christmas will NOT be complete if I don’t watch A Christmas Carol, doesn’t matter which version as long as it’s the same story. I bought this cheap old Christmas cartoons compilation from amazon before and in it, there’s a bonus of classic A Christmas Carol. I thought I left the dvd in KL but turned out, I didn’t! I actually left the DVD here in my hometown so I”m very happy.

However, I haven’t watched the movie yet.. instead I watched The Celebrity Apprentice, where last night was the episode of Omarosa, the fucking bitch gets fired. I’ve been waiting for that episode for ages, and god, it was the best episode in the entire Apprentice history, after the fight between Omarosa and Piers in few episodes back.

God, Omarosa is a disgusting, nasty, filthy scum to ever walk the earth.. and a venomous snake. She’s a piece of trash and if I see her personally, I would beat her to death, chop her up and feed her to the dogs. I’ve always thought Piers Morgan is a bastard, but in Celebrity Apprentice, he’s god lol. You know what made my night? In the boardroom, Omarosa called Piers homosexual.. and so Donald Trump asks if he wants to come back to defend himself and he did… and guess what? He walked up towards Trace Adkins, and I thought Piers was about to hit somebody but instead he gave Trace a kiss on the cheek, as a joke, in response to Omarosa’s claim… omfg that was the most hilarous thing ever… I love Piers for that! And the look on Trace’s surprised face — priceless. He was clueless and dumb as rock lol. Haha, that so made my night… best Christmas eve ever. Plus Omarosa’s team lost — the worst defeat in the history of The Apprentice and she was Project Manager (for 3 times and no wins, wtf).. take that you smelly rotting cunt!

Okay, now I”m gonna watch a couple of vids on youtube, then I”m gonna watch A Christmas Carol.

Oh btw, yesterday morning I went to eat breakfast at kopitiam with mom, and I was surprised that H was there haha.. he was with his (rich) friend discussing ‘business’ lol. I want a millionaire friend. Anyways, I need to get resume ready and email it to his friend… H told me he has connection at the local tv station.. worth a try. I’m getting nervous.. I haven’t done anything to secure my internship next month x.x Some of my friends are already interning geez.

PS: I bought Guitar Hero 3: Legend of Rock for the PC… fuck I love GH! I couldn’t stop playing it.. too bad my laptop lags after a while I have to reboot to play again.. I want the guitar controller… oh and the game has 3 of my most fave songs — Barracuda, Stricken (by Disturbed) and Before I forget (by Slipknot)