Massive Landslide @ Bukit Antarabangsa

December 11, 2008 at 1:11 PM

My biggest sympathy and condolences goes out to the families of those affected by the massive landslide tragedy at Bukit Antarabangsa (literally International Hill).

It’s Highland Towers all over again. Highland Towers is the worst landslide tragedy in the Malaysian history, and what’s even shocking, the current tragedy is only located less than 2 km away from the now abandoned Highland Towers.

According to wiki:

The Highland Towers collapse was an apartment building (condominium) collapse that occurred on December 11, 1993, in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The collapse of one block caused the deaths of 48 people and led to the complete evacuation of the other two blocks due to safety concerns.

The Highland Towers were three blocks of 12-story apartment, each block was respectively named Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3. Block 1 collapsed when 10 continuous days of rainfall led to a landslide after the retaining wall at the Tower’s car park failed.

After the tragedy, The Highland Towers memorial was placed at the site of Block 1.

The Highland Towers still stand today, although they are now almost completely overgrown by the Jungle. In recent years, they have been the site of much vandalism and the buildings are now in almost complete disarray and ruin. Rather eerily, the abandoned towers continue to loom out of the green density of the jungle, looking out over the Taman Hillview area.

Now in Bukit Antarabangsa, 14 bungalows were destroyed, with some completely flattened out, thousands were stranded with no electricity and water and with limited supply of food (whatever they had) because the main road is completely cut off by the landslide.. and the tragedy claimed 4 lives if I”m not mistaken. Just roughly 2 weeks before this tragedy, 2 more landslides occurred, of which one claimed 2 lives of young girls (sisters). I just can’t imagine how they must’ve been feeling during and after the tragedy. Luckily at my KL apartment, there’s not hill, but there’s a small river or big drainage or some sort, and has already caused a bad landslide couple of months ago just hundred of metres away from my apartment. It’s been worrying me. When you live on 13th floor, if electricity is cut, there is no way you can get down.. plus no way to bring your stuff (my precious comps) and my precious kitties. 

If I were in KL now, I would’ve gone to the tragedy site to see it for myself… I’m extremely heartbroken. Imagine.. if you survived the landslide, but you have nothing now.. absolutely nothing. You only have what you were wearing.. well with whatever you have in the bank, but property-wise all gone. Like the first tragedy (that killed 2 young girls), the rest of the family survived, but they’re left with absolutely nothing now. Not even a memory of the 2 girls, only photos given by the deceased’s school friends. 

I rather die if my mom, or my cats or my properties were destroyed in any nature tragedy. The pain would be too much for me to handle.

One of the Bukit Antarabangsa victim was from Ipoh. She was in my elementary and high school (Tarcisian Convent Ipoh). 

On another different topic, another bus crash killing 10 people — WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??? How many bus accidents occurred just this year? How many were killed in bus crash? I’ve lost count.. I FEAR THE BUS NOW!

PS: I hate my internet connection! FUCK YOU STREAMYX!