Lappy reformatted

November 22, 2008 at 5:45 AM

When I get back today I’ll reply to old comments, and write new blog. I was too tired to do so last night. I had a very long day which I’m gonna blog later tonight, hopefully.

I reformatted my lappy back to the factory setting! 🙁 Lost about 80GB stuff..  but I’ve backed up most important files though so it’s okay. I tried backing up to D using the Acer e-recovery and it took 18 hours but got stuck at 97%..bleh. Now my C: drive is clean and my laptop is back to the way it originally was after being shipped out of the factory. You know what..? When it arrived at the computer store in Ipoh, of course the technicians would install important softwares right? So they installed Adobe CS2 stuff.. I wanted Adobe CS3 version.. then they said CS3 couldn’t be installed on Vista so that’s why they installed CS2.. I went back, tried to install it and they were right.. I couldn’t. However I tried today right after I reformatted it, but it worked O.o So they were lying! I had to tweak the registry which probably the cause for the control panel and network and share centre to crash. Ah, but it’s all good now.. I don’t have crappy softwares anymore or junks. I love Acer e-recovery thing.  But gonna be a pain in the ass to install some important applications back again.

My control panel and Network and Sharing Center are working again, and not crashing! Finally…after almost a year…

I have to remember to go buy Adobe CS4 stuff. I’m gonna go rest now cuz I have another long day today. Good day.