Laptop is Back

November 21, 2008 at 6:23 AM

I got my laptop back!

That was fast. It was fixed within 24 hours. I got the call yesterday evening (but only heard it through voicemail last night). Even though it’s just replacing DVD-rom and that’s it, but still it’s fast. I remember this comp (my main comp) took 2 1/2 months just to replace the fucking graphic card that’s still under warranty. However they didn’t fix my Control Panel and Network folders which crashes everytime I try to open it, so I’ve burned the factory default setting disc and driver and application disc and currently doing the whole system backup image and then I’m gonna reformat the C drive, going back to the factory default setting.

I just realized something……..why the hell did I torture myself being without a dvd drive for roughly 5 months plus when I could’ve gotten it fixed within 24 hours? Man I’m such a fucking idiot…. Oh maybe because the stupid people in Ipoh where I bought the laptop at told me it’ll take 2 weeks… blah.

Getting the laptop was a fucking pain in the arse though! I was too lazy to go in the morning, and when we finally left, it was 4 pm – BAD IDEA! Obviously KL city would become the mother of all traffic jam hell. It wasn’t THAT bad though and managed to get to Times Square in about half an hour after being stuck in the jam. I hate Imbi road which is unfortunately connected to Star Hill road, the main traffic jam hell area. Then we went to eat first, then we went to pick up my laptop. Argh. You know what? They only have 2 guys to handle the customer, and get this.. there was roughly 5-10 customers.. not many right? But imagine each one of them takes at least 20-30 minutes to explain what’s happening to their laptop/monitor etc, then for the acer people to open up the system and checks etc… argh. I had to wait for so long just to pick up my laptop, and I didn’t bring my Nintendo DS argh. They should’ve opened more counters. Then mom and I went to Cold Storage.. lots of chocolates for christmas… too expensive though cuz they’re all imported 🙁

The journey back was the most painful. Extreme traffic jam.. and I was way too sleepy, I even drove OVER a divider/road partition cuz I couldn’t see, wtf. Took us like over an hour to reach home, bleh. Then had to go through ‘people jam’, as there were like more than 20-30 people trying to squeeze in for the 2 elevators which can only hold 11 people each. Arrrrrrrrrgh how come this apartment is overloaded with IMMIGRANTS arghhhhhhhhhhhh. Go back to your own country damn it. You have absolutely no idea how many of them here and how they behave until you see it yourself, then you’ll be pulling your hair in uber frustration like I am.

I’m going to go to college today to watch the performance rehearsal thingy for the showcase or something cuz I don’t have anything else better to do. Tomorrow is the showcase. Oh and Monday, I will go to SEGi’s Leadership Camp for 3 days 2 nights. Didn’t wanna join but they said it’s included in the fees so might as well make use of it… plus I wanna go so I can take a break from my life here… sorta like a short vacation thing since I can’t afford to go anywhere else. Not bringing any Nintendo DS, MP3 players or anything like that though.. I’m scared they will be lost.. I’ll try to take pictures though.

After I’m back from camp, I’ll be going back to Ipoh.

Ok, going to play with my Nintendo DS now, let my laptop backup the system and later go to college.