Laptop Goes Bye for a While

November 18, 2008 at 12:32 AM

I miss my laptop already.

I sent my laptop to times square today. I decided not to go to the headquarter because

1) I don’t know the way and I’ll get lost
2) Still far, same as times square
3) Subang Jaya is the ‘grandpa’ of hellish traffic jams

So I decided to go to times square, I know the way there by heart and it’s easier. I spent whole morning backing up my important stuff, and my external hard drive is full now. Now just hope that my external drive don’t die on me, god forbid. I think I’ve backed up almost everything that’s important….

So i went there, went up to 9th floor, and took  a number.. each person takes quite a while with their problem x.x Finally when it was my turn, I got this malay guy, and I began explaining my problem. Luckily I’m still under warranty until next month but I asked about extending warranty for extra 2 years, and I’d need RM298 for it.. I’m still considering it. Where to dig up money though…hmm

That guy opened the bottom of my laptop and I see my fan is sorta discolored.. I guess it’s from the heat. The guy said I should turn on laptop for maximum 5 hours and then shut it off and I was like whaaaaa’? I didn’t know that! I usually turn it on for wait, I never turn it off..maybe like once in a week or so… ack. I’m shocked my laptop have not died yet because of that, thank god.

So my laptop will be ready in 3 – 5 days, hmm sooner than expected.. latest would be next week. I hope not next week. Too long. Hope not like my main comp, where it took them 2 fucking month, wtf. After that mom and I just walked and walked in the mall.. hate walking in a huge mall wearing heels lol. We got Viena Bagels and I think mom and I finished half of the plates they put out for testing haha.. damn the bagels are SO DAMN GOOD. Better than Dunkin Donuts or Big Apple but quite expensive..but hey, H told me to spend his money on food and I did 😛

Then we had subway sandwich..finally :D! Been so long. I need to do something now.. I hate sitting in this chair, blah. I miss surfing the web lying down on the bed…

PS: I just paid my domain registration (not hosting), and I had forgotten that I have USD$10 in my hosting account left..which is the balance from some amount Aaron gave me long ago.. yay I didn’t have to spend my money ^^ lol.