Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

November 11, 2008 at 8:03 AM

While I was doing research for my extra credit work on Evil Dead, I was reading wikipedia and I found out about this Finnish band called LORDI who made a music video tribute to Evil Dead… so I decided to youtube it.


It’s the best damn music video, like everrrrrrrr.

I’m currently so obsessed with the music video and song like you have no idea. Is it abnormal to be turned on majorly by it? I mean.. the guy in the video with the camera is hot (to me), and him dying, then turning into a possessed deadite is such a turn on.. plus the song, the music.. damnit.. oh did I mention LORDI themselves are also monsters? Of course, the Evil Dead setting is plus plus plus.

The video and music are a big fucking turn on for me… is that weird? adjaf; sdfosjf;klasjerfwe rfqwa;ejirf.



rent a car bulgariaThey called me the Leather Apron
They called me the smiling Jack
They prayed to the heavens above
That I would never ever come back”

Can you hear how the children weep?
Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep

Once again there is pain
I bring flames – I bring cold
I’m the Blood Red Sandman coming home
On this unholy night I will make you my own
Blood Red Sandman
Coming home again

Red drops stain satin so white
-“The way I sign my name”
The neighborhood’s pretty dead at night
-“And I’m the one to blame”

Scream all you want you won’t wake up when you scream
“No-one leaves…
..The Monsterican Dream”