Dance of the Dead

November 10, 2008 at 5:55 AM

I watched DANCE OF THE DEAD couple of hours ago.

It was better than expected considering the fact that it’s a low budget zombie movie and usually low budget horror movies would suck SO BAD. Obviously with zombie movies, there’s nothing new… predictable plot that we’ve seen lots of times before but as usual I love kicking zombies ass action so it’s all good. The only thing is that the blood looks obviously fake.. lol. And the first half is just talk talk talk.. Zombie movies shouldn’t have much talk – just lots and lots of action! But it’s a good movie with nice homage to Night of the Living Dead.. plus even the losers and nerds look cute. Good effects too.

I’ve been feeling depressed during the weekend and extremely lazy. I think it’s because I used to be so busy, and my head is always thinking of doing work and trying to get an A, and now that I’m actually finished for the year and has nothing to do for 2 months, I feel so weird. I’m so used to a week holiday, and I always complain about the ‘shortness’ of it, but 2 months man… I’ve got so much things planned yet I don’t have the mood to do them.

I’ll get better…. I hope. And I feel very lonely.

Anyways. I so want a hard cover/casing thing for my Nintendo DS Lite, a transparent one maybe… if I can’t find a nice one.. I’d order from, but ummm.. maybe I’ll settle for a transparent one first so I can decorate it with sticker or something. Need a new cute stylus too.. I have briefing today at college, so maybe after that I’ll stop at Cineleisure and check out the game store and see if they have anything…maybe. I want to go to midvalley’s nintendo store but it’s quite far…I should go back to digital mall too…