October 30, 2008 at 7:29 PM

Yesterday I was so depressed. See this?

That is my extra credit project that I did on The Evil Dead movie. See the word “Linda”? Well that piece fucking fell out, peeled itself off and I guess I can say – gone with the wind. So My board that I did 1 1/2 days straight until 6.30 am yesterday was fucked. Blah. I shouldn’t care much because it’s only 5 marks extra but still, that thing is ruined. I”m terribly upset when things are not perfect.

Other than that, there was replacement class yesterday for Film Appreciation and we watched SE7EN. Brad Pitt is hot. I got bored during the first half of the movie but got into it during the middle. It’s fun when you’re watching it with friends, cuz you don’t fall asleep unexpectedly lol. The beginning is too slow for me. Oh and at least something else made me happy – I got 10/10 for my Charlie Chaplin movie analysis that we did Friday, 2 weeks ago, yay.

Last night I was up all night and after researching, I finally figured out how to put movies in my Nintendo DS Lite. So now I can have movies or clips to watch wherever I go when I’m bored. I should buy a new micro sdhc card to store movies and mp3 for my nintendo ds. Oh I also found Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: First Love game for the DS. OMG OMG it’s like my favorite game of all time on PS2, and I so didn’t know it’s the same one for the DS. I’m SOOOOO happy. The only downside is the EVS. They can’t pronounce certain Japanese surname you put in.. so you have to put the most common one like Yamada or Abe or something. That sucks. Plus the space is limited, so you can’t put names like Matsumoto, Tachibana, Watanabe etc in hiragana unless you know kanji. But at least in the DS version, you can ‘touch’ the guys you date.. hehe. Now I miss the PS2 version.. I so wanna play it now… ! It’s the only original PS2 game that I bought, online, imported from Hong Kong some more (because no original PS2 games in Malaysia unless it’s at Sony, but extremely limited selection)… that’s how much I love that game.

When I was buying the micro sdhc card last Monday, I was talking to the guy while waiting for them to test out my card. I remember he said he’s not into console games.. the last thing he played was the nintendo game boy, the black and white one lol. That’s old. He said only his mom plays console game, and I was like cool! My mom doesn’t know how lol. He said she only plays casino game lol.The only game that I know how to play is Blackjack. I’ve tried other game but I have no clue what I was doing. If only I can play casino games for real, I’d master my ‘techniques’ and win myself some moolah. At least I won’t be so broke 🙁

Ok that’s all. I’ll blog later cuz now I have to go back to being stressed about my 3DS MAX final project which is due this Saturday. F-U-C-K. I guess I”d have 2 more sleepless nights.

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! YAY!!!!! And we’re watching Rocky Horror Picture Show in class, woot.