DS Lite

October 28, 2008 at 2:52 AM

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but to answer Seebe’s question in the previous post’s comment section, YES, I GOT A DS LITE, WOOT WOOT!

So took me only one sleepless night to bug mom to let me to borrow her money first last Tuesday. I just couldn’t stand it anymore and when I want something so badly, I must get it asap, by hook or by crook. Basically I was just going into a deep depression, and I couldn’t let that happen as I only have 2 weeks left for this semester.

My new Nintendo DS Lite:

– 1 original DS Lite (Metallic Rose)
– DS Pouch
– R4 SDHC (a new ‘fake/clone’ version that supports microSDHC card)
– 50+ preinstalled games in the MicroSDHC card
– HORI screen protector

Cost: RM700 (USD$196)

I’m not sure if it’s expensive or not because I had the pouch and hori screen protector thrown in, rounding all up to RM700 because mom is an expert in bargaining. That guy was gonna give me non-branded screen protector but luckily I noticed and asked to change to HORI. I bought it at Sungei Wang, even though I read in forums NOT to buy it there x.x Didn’t care. lol.

At first, I was not so fond of R4. I was still confused between DSTT or EDGE (as to which is better) but I had no choice. I figured, if this new R4 won’t support latest games then I could just buy new flash card, but so far it’s been good. Firmware is updated constantly. All games that I’ve tried played smoothly. Plus, lots of menu layout I can choose from since it’s the same as old R4. HERE’S my current menu layout. The only downside is the USB card reader, which is faulty for a lot of people. So I have to find a new USB card reader…

So I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY that I got the metallic rose color, which is my first choice (second being crimson black). They don’t have metallic rose color in Ipoh. And in Ipoh, they sell it at around RM660 without pouch or screen protector (with EDGE or DSTT card). Wondering how come Tesco Ipoh sells it at RM780…hmm

So since last week, I’ve been obsessing with my ndsl. I have too many games that I love. Hard to say which game I’m addicted to, cuz there’s at least 10+ that I’m addicted to which includes Animal Crossing: Wild World, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, Cooking Mama 2, Brain Age 2, and many more..

Last Saturday I had replacement class for Animation 2, and Helmi was sitting next to me.. I asked him the direction to digital mall (mall dedicated to just IT and gadgets) in PJ cuz Low Yatt (another mall in KL) is too far away. Finally today I tried to find my way there and I found it! Fucking finally. They sell NDSL for RM680 there, with a starter set (kinda ugly pouch, another extra stylus, screen protector and EDGE card). Oh well, just Rm20 cheaper. I bough a new 4GB micro sdhc card for my R4 and it works just fine 😀 Now I can store more games hehe. I was worried the sdhc card won’t work but the dudes at the phone store were nice enough to test it out for me and stuff XD One guy is funny and talkative too hehe. Guess they’ll do anything for someone to fork out RM40 huh? Oh I also bought new printer inks, yay.

There’s a pirated dvd store there, ARGH SO MANY MOVIES. I want the Dr. Who DVD set season 1,2,3,4! MUST GET MUST GET ARGH! I don’t think I’ve seen Dr. Who set anywhere else.. MUST GET. Omg. Okay I’m going to play my ndsl then get a short nap and get up early cuz I need to finish my extra credit assignment today.My tummy feels so stuffed, I think I ate too much today. I swear, once my semester is done, I’m gonna start my own weight loss program, with very strict diet and exercise routine! Before I can’t fit into my clothes…

Need to blog more!

PS: Oh glad I didn’t wait to import NDSi which will be releasing next month in Japan, it’s gonna cost USD$300, yowza!