Modern Times

October 14, 2008 at 10:30 PM

I just finished watching “MODERN TIMES”, the movie by Charlie Chaplin that we’re supposed to watch in class this Friday. Out of all the movies we had to watch in class and study, this is my favorite one of all, next being Ladri Di Biciclette. It’s HILARIOUS. I don’t think I remember watching any of Charlie Chaplin’s movie with The Tramp’s character, but I really love this one. My favorite scene would have to be the factory scene, where his character just goes nuts and tries to screw every bolt-looking things he sees.. then the scene at the restaurant.. the “white powder” scene, and a few more. It amazes me how he set up all the machinery, plus all the stunts that he did.  Now what’s left is for me to read PAGES of history about the movie and Chaplin himself.

Blah I have one more day here and I haven’t finished my 3d. I’m too depressed.