Chest Pain

October 14, 2008 at 12:27 AM

I”m not in the best of mood nor the best of health today. Earlier today I had this feeling in my chest like my heart was beating a few times abnormally, and it feels like my heart was about to explode or pop out of my chest. Because of that the whole day I’ve been feeling weak esp. in the chest area, and felt like someone is sitting on my chest. That, plus some other things which I won’t mention so don’t ask, got me into an extremely bad mood.

Anyways, I got large pizza tonight so it lifted my mood a bit. Drove there myself, alone, at night. Well pizza hut is only 5 minutes away so it’s ok. Luckily I didn’t have chest pain again while driving. Then I watched THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO again today (cable tv is back, yay) and god, I love that movie to death. I’m thinking of changing my assignment. I want to write about The Count of Monte Cristo instead of Planet Terror and I will make Planet Terror my other assignment for extra credit. I’ll ask Ms Shana.

Oh last Saturday, I was playing with my cat’s kitten (really cute kitten but wild) and it got so scared of me and ran away to the next house which is empty.. then suddenly I heard PLOMP! Then lots of PLOMP! PLOMP! PLOMP! Omg. My heart sank. I got so terrified that the kitten is drowning. It was all my fault! I ran to the empty house and luckily the gate is unlocked and saw that the kitten fell into this drain or some sort.. and couldn’t get out. Thank god the water is not that deep. I tried my best to save it and after risking my own safety, I managed  to saved it. I’m a hero. I was paranoid again last night when it was raining heavily for evening and by night time my neighborhood was flooded. My cat (the mother) was screaming, calling out her kittens.. I was so terrified. But they’re safe now. Oh the things I’d do for cats.

I need to rest now.