Back in Ipoh

October 12, 2008 at 1:45 AM


Have you heard the new upcoming single “Womanizer” by Britney Spears? Goddamn why are all her songs so catchy and addictive? I can’t stop singing it now. Have you seen the new video on youtube? I’d post it here but currently sony is taking duplicate videos off youtube.. hmmph.. Britney is back to being her old sexy self.. the only thing I don’t like in the video is the dance routine, the choreography sucks… Britney is back to being her thin, sexy self but it seems that in order to ‘sell’ the song or whatever, she wears lesser clothing piece.. and she’s totally naked in this.. O.o Oh well, at least song is catchy.

I”m back in Ipoh. I went back to KL on Thursday. I was supposed to leave at 7 am, but I got up late, didn’t want to take all the stuff up to my place when there’s people during daytime, so got into arguments about that with mom until 11 am. But I didn’t wanna miss another class so at 11 am 11.30 am, I rushed to KL, left my kitties and stuff in Ipoh and sped 130 kmph on the highway and broke my record for arriving in KL in just 1 1/2 hours instead of 2-3 hours. I rushed up to my place, burned my 3D assignment in CD then rushed to college.. luckily I reached KL in time for class.

It was raining HEAVILY when I went back home but mom and I were starving so we decided to talk to the Indian restaurant in heavy rain, lol. Unfortunately the electricity in that restaurant was cut so we ate outside and I couldn’t order my fave mango milkshake. We were so starving, that we ordered double for everything.. tosei, chapatti, 2 glasses of ice tea (for me) and I had beef sirloin steak.. which they serve double the amount they serve in Ipoh but at the same price. By the time we finished it all, we were so stuffed. Even the Indian guys were looking at us for eating too much lol.

I was having kitties withdrawal that night.. I was so depressed. You see, me and my kitty Jojo is extremely close. She follows me everywhere.  So she’s like my other half and when none of my cats were at the place that night, I felt so lonely…. and I was so depressed. But I watched Harold and Kumar with Aaron in Second Life and that movie cheered me up a bit.

I was supposed to wake up at 5 am to study my movie and the French cinema but mom didn’t wake me up..I was pissed. So then we watched the movie “A BOUT DE SOUFFLE” or Breathless in class..I tried watching it twice before but I fell asleep twice. I”ll write about it later. After class I went to ask for my check but it’s not ready so I went to complaint, hung out with Jackie for a bit, rushed back home, packed, then went to eat lunch at the same restaurant. Finally got to drink mango milkshake but it was too much.. and rice was too stomach was hurting and cramping. I’ve been eating way too much this past couple of weeks and yet I don’t have any diet supplements.. dangerous..I might become obese. Ack. Then I rushed back to Ipoh and the first I did was ran to my kitty Jojo and hugged her XD Never again leave them here.